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Jacob - 2017-01-13

Farmingtown Academy, Dalian, China is a terrible employer. The boss treats teachers as slaves and steals their money. It is only just over a year old and already the boss has stolen 3 teachers’ salaries. Every teacher employed at this school has quit in less than 5 months due to poor treatment and breaches of the labor law and employment contract. Here is a list of problems I had with this school.

1.I was paid late every month

2. My holiday pay was not paid

3. I was forced to work overtime on my days off.

4. I was forced to work overtime on days that were paid holidays in the contract.

5. I was not paid correctly for working overtime.

6. I was not given medical insurance.

7. My working hours were not stated in the contract.

8. I was not given or signed the appendix to the contract.

9. My boss was given 30 days resignation. However, Mrs. Gong informed me that I could not resign and I would be fined for resigning. I was also told that my resignation would not be accepted and that my boss will blacklist me.

10. Forced to work for 4-5 hours regularly with not breaks and for 12 hours on a Saturday with 11 teaching hours.

11. Also my boss paid me in cash late every month (after the 20th as stated in the contract. And said I should pay my own tax as she does not pay tax or make social security contributions)

12. My boss came to my house with 3 police officers to threaten me with being blacklisted. She previously stated that she would not pay my salary for December and January even if I complete the rest of my 30 days notice. This took place after I sent an email stating that I could not go to work due to illness that day. Why would I work for free after resigning and being told I would be fined 4000 US dollars!

13 Also I read that Chinese labor law states my boss cannot fine me for resigning and giving 30 days notice or refuse to accept my 30 days notice.

14. The school was inspected twice by police. My passport was kept for 2 months on arrive due to the first inspection. The second inspection was a fire inspection according to the boss, but a part-time teacher never returned.

Under Chinese labor law my contract can be terminated immediately because it has been breached. Also my boss should pay me my salary and a breech penalty. But there is no rule of law in this place.

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