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Anonymous - 2016-07-12
In response to Daqing Joy school (Steven)

I once taught at this school. I won't provide a length of time or provide information about my sex for fear of retribution by the school because I'm still teaching.

I never met Jason (presudonym/English name) but I do know he's the owner/big boss. Some people said he's a nice guy and others would beg to differ. Though nobody ever spent enough time with him to know the truth. One of my coworkers mentioned the suicidal guy. Insurance fraud is possible. I wonder if they're still using the same insurance company.?

The Chinese administration/management of this school is as follows best to my recollection: Husband and wife team; husband dealing with local residency permits and school related errands, and the wife being the main teacher trainer. The wife was a force to be reckoned with based on all the Chinese teacher putting on their best face when she approached,observed classes,and general school surprise visits. This lady was the worst coming off very snotty and superior. She always presented herself as high class Chinese. I guess what I'm trying to say is she has a big ego. So it wasn't surprising everyone talked behind her back. The supervisor was named Ruby. When I first met her she seemed nice and later saw she really wasn't. The head teacher was really kind to me and worked very hard though too much work was placed on her shoulders which caused her stress and in tern caused the rest of us stress.

Every Chinese teacher is the main teacher. The foreigner plays second fiddle,if that. The foreigner is just the face,and the school doesn't really care as long as parents don't complain. This could be said of any English language school in China I guess. I did see many Chinese workers come and go. Teachers. Assistants. Receptionist.

By my last three months I hated worker their. They would often assign me to another school. The other school was an hour to half an hour away depending on traffic. I wasn't compensated for travel. Only when I was adamant about the issue would they address my issues.

This school is dishonest and does lie to teachers. They don't care and anything you say will fall on deaf ears. Fake people. Fake school. Deceivers. And the contract is written in bullshit. I wouldn't recommend this school.

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