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Kelli Fisher - 2007-05-07

I am currently working at Child U, and have to say that this review is so far from the Child U I work at today.

I read the previous review before I came here, in June 2006, and since I had a friend working here before me, I was assured that this picture painted of Child U was far from the truth.

I am leaving in 2 months, and hope that Child U finds someone great to work there. So, I wanted to share my opinion of Child U in Yeosu.

First of all, May and Lydia are fantastic. They have been nothing short of accommodating and supportive. Just today, May took me to the doctor because the clinic I went to didn't have a fluent English speaker on staff. (This is not the first time she has done so.) As for the insurance, I received my insurance card within my first month here in Yeosu.
All of the staff at Child U are very helpful, from calling to make train reservations to ordering food. They are always asking how we are doing, and are quick to help when we need something done. We often go out to dinner and on excursions together. May and Lydia both love to show their teachers the sights of Korea. We have a lot of fun at work.
Granted, sometimes it can get a little confusing at the beginning of the months when we get new students or classes, but it's not a common occurrence. It is a professional, yet fun and relaxed environment.

Talking to the other teachers in the city, we really lucked out with the working environment, the boss and the apartment.

The apartment we live in now is by far one of the best (if not THE best) for English teachers in the city. It has 3 large bedrooms, a laundry room, 2 bathrooms, good-sized living room and kitchen, and a large balcony. It is, at most, a 3 minute walk from school. We are on the top floor of a commercial building, so we don't have to worry about loud neighbours (as so many foreigners do, living in apartment buildings).

All of the teachers that have left since I came, did so because their contract ended. One even opted to come back for another year because our academy was such a great deal. None of them had any problems getting the bonus, pension or plane ticket. Perhaps that was because they fulfilled their obligations, and did not leave 7 months before their contract ended. I'm sure if I was a hogwan owner, I wouldn't be too accommodating for 2 people who left me in the lurch, and would be looking for some compensation for a breached contract. Again, I was not there at the time this person worked at Child U, and cannot comment on her experiences. I can only tell you what I have experienced in the past 10 months, working at Child U.

To sum it up, Child U is great. I love working here, and if I wasn't coming back to school next year I would probably come back. If I had any friends interested in teaching in Asia, I would most definitely recommend this position to them.

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