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Daisy - 2012-01-23

Coming to live in a foreign country can be tough. There are a million questions that run through a person's mind. Questions about the culture, location, people, and of course, all that fancy paper work needed for the visa application process. Because of this, a lot of teachers relocating to South Korea are unaware of the questions they should be asking about the school. Unfortunately, there are many bad private schools out there that will cheat an employee of benefits, hours, salary, and the list goes on (we've all heard the terrible tales). I was one of those newbies who didn't know what to consider or ask when I came to live overseas. After witnessing and meeting others teaching in South Korea, I realized just how much I lucked out.

I could state all of the great things about E-World Academy along with the great things the school has done for me over the last two years, but it would probably be repeating an earlier post (not to mention, you as the reader would get bored and scroll past the mushy details). So, instead of listing opinions that describe the school and owners as super awesome, here are some facts about the school that future ESL teachers should take interest in:

- You will be paid on time, every time.
- The school will work with you if you need financial help during the stretch of your first paycheck.
- You will receive medical insurance.
- Though you split pension payment 50-50 throughout the year, you will be reimbursed 100% at the completion of your contract.
- You will receive a 1 month bonus at the completion of your contract.
- You will receive help with the language barrier if you are ever sick and/or need to see a doctor.
- You will not find another school who can beat these hours and salary.
- You will never be hit up for overtime or unexpected extra hours.
- Your flight coming and going will be paid for in full.
- The school encourages collaboration and new ideas.
- You will have a casual dress code.
- You will be expected to have a positive attitude.
- You will not be filmed on CCTV for parents or other teachers to observe (my personal favorite).

If you're looking for a busy city with an awesome night life, a constant chance to meet people from around the world, a place with a lot of western culture, and a school located near hilarious comedy clubs, theatre, and live music, then Yeosu isn't for you. Which is why many go to Seoul. However, if you're looking for a city that is laid back, has a beautiful landscape, kind people, and a place to immerse yourself completely into Korean culture and pride, then come on down to the south! If you find yourself interested in those aspects of living in a foreign country, without a doubt, check out E-World. I couldn't imagine a better school.

-Daisy Teacher

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