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Callie - 2011-07-13
In response to Re: E-World in Yeosu, South Korea - ESL school review (Cassandra Franklin)

I worked at E-World for a year from 2009-10. It was difficult for me because I was also working on the first half of an extremely demanding master's degree. I did not have the chance to get out much, travel, etc-- I spent my year working and studying. That's about it.

I won't sugar-coat things -- the Han Family is remarkable but they are people too. You probably will get along better with regards to being treated as family if you are friends with the family. People who have their own lives will have different experiences. Yes, there are legitimate complaints... but when is the last time you spent a year working and didn't complain? I wonder that people who complain didn't cause some of their own trouble. I know I caused plenty of my own problems. If you do choose to cultivate a personal relationship with your employer, then it's doubtful you could find a nicer family. They certainly extended every kindness to me, even though I lived like a monk.

There is an old adage about ignorance and malice. These folks are getting better at the business and they deserve the same respect they give to new teachers. Dealing with stressed-out foreigners year after year is hard enough without trying to con them out of some small money. Paperwork for this game is tremendous and they aren't lawyers. If you choose to work overseas, be a smart adult and figure out the financial details so you can take care of yourself. The bank is across the street and the teller has a translator on the computer. Deal with your pension before the last minute. Keep a copy of your contract. Watch your spending.

The boss and teachers of the school went out of their way to help accomodate me while I was working on term papers or had major conferences with professors. I used every last vacation day (and then some) to meet my school commitments. The Han Family and the other teachers of E-World covered me without complaint. I worked myself sick more than once, and Lydia was always kind enough to walk me to the doctor, even when I wouldn't have gone myself. That's not just a company wanting to make sure teachers are able to work-- it's a family business that cares for the people who work there. And the rumors about ordering pizza are true. They are just that darn nice. Do they have crappy days or feel hateful sometimes? Probably not as often as the foreigners.

I was under tremendous pressure during my stay in Yeosu. I wasn't the most energetic or exciting person to be around, but I was always treated with kindness and courtesy. I am sure I couldn't have imagined how difficult it would be to burn the candle at both ends for a solid year; and I am sure that it was more than E-World expected to have to deal with when they hired a full-time student. It's not a vacation it's a business. Every foreigner has a different agenda. The school only has one.

I saw their video on youtube today and I say WAY TO GO. The folks up there are good people and they really do their best. Everyone should ask themselves what that really means before reading any weird reviews from angry people. You get out of it what you put into it. That's better than many situations.


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