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Kelli - 2010-07-22

Funny, I'm heading back to E-World for a second year at the end of the summer and randomly decided to google it tonight. I was definitely NOT expecting to find a huge thread about the school and, truth be told, I had forgotten all about the review I had written of ChildU right before I left! I was quite surprised to see messages added to this thread, especially the negative ones from Theo.

You're right, (keep in mind I do not know Cassandra) there are some striking similarities between our posts; in agreement with Amanda - the only explanation is that THEY ARE TRUE. The year I spent living in Yeosu working for May and her family was bar none one of the best experiences I've ever had. So much so, that after deciding to return to Korea for another round, I immediately knew that I wanted to come back to Yeosu and work for E-world. The school and staff are amazing.

May and Lydia opened their hearts and home to me when I was there last. Everyone was always looking after my well-being and it was nice to have that during my first experience living abroad. I couldn't have asked for a better boss ... or family. The Han family and employees of ChildU were so helpful and supportive (like I said in my previous post) - they took me to the doctor on multiple occasions, ordered me pizza when I was craving it, took me on excursions through the countryside, and basically made me feel at home. We all hung out after work and on the weekends... like I said, a GREAT family. Definitely a much better experience than many friends of mine who have taught in Korea.

ZERO complaints from me about my experiences working at ChildU (now E-World) - quite the opposite, really. We had all of the materials and supplies needed, we had the freedom to teach the curriculum in our own unique way, May was always open to new suggestions, the working hours were fantastic, and the staff room was always full of laughter.

If there are any prospective teachers thinking of working at E-World - please feel free to contact me as well. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have as I would recommend this school to anyone looking to work at a hagwon. ... and hey, maybe we'll be co-workers this year!

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