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Theo - 2009-08-12


I will say however, those of you with any math skills (as well as common deducing abilities) will have already gathered that I have not been in Yeosu for three years consecutively, but three years with trips home in between/

Amanda, it's 2009 and you said earlier "I'm on my third year." To now imply that readers should assume details of your personal past is ridiculous (especailly expecting us to assume your "trips home" last for one year each).

I was hired in 2003 when the school first opened. I returned again in 2005, 2007 and here we are in 2009 (that's four years). In 2007, unfortunately there were no vacancies for teachers at E-world, because everyone who starts there (with two exceptions over 6 years - three foreign teachers ever year - you do the math) finishes their contract.

This is FIRST time you've offered this information, and yet you thought nothing about saying Linda's post was inaccurate, and bascially called her liar.

Again, I am not quite sure why Theo is so emotional about all this but I will tell you that we are under no pressure from our employer. She doesn't even know that I am writing here. And again, Cassandra posted here by mistake.

I think you're the one being emotional:

What Linda typed is completely inaccurate on so many accounts. All of the "truths" she was allegedly "told" were actually fabricated in her own mind. Being the teacher who helped hire her and the one who had to live through her visit here, I can tell you that she is not an honest person and she made her own experience here what they were.

Amanda continues:

If any serious teachers have any specific questions concerning the school or the city I will be happy to answer.

OK, Amanda, Here's a question from poster eslguy:

Anyone recall the immigration building fire, in Yeosu back in 2007? I remember it. Though, it was swept under the rug, despite the deaths of muliple migrant workers.

Since you were there (in 2007 according to your quote above), and serving as a clearinghouse for information regarding Yeosu, what say you?

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