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Interview questions for elementary teachers  by: Ashton Lopez
Interview questions for elementary teachers are bit strict as the position demands a dignified behavior with truth and sincerity. A teachers job is one of the most challenging job, and one of the..
How to Answer the Question "How would you describe a successful principal?"  by: Candace Davies, A+ Resumes for Teachers
By asking this question, the hiring committee is attempting to assess the following: * Do you understand what traits contribute to the success of a principal. As a teacher, what traits do you value..
Getting the Most Out of Resume Keywords  by: Anish Majumdar
There are few issues that jobseekers struggle with more when creating a resume than keywords. What are they? How are they used? And perhaps most importantly, why should you care about including them?..
Your Resume for Going Back to Work - Get the Job you Want  by: Fiona MacKay Young
So what will you put on your resume when you apply for your first job in 3, 5, 10, 15 years? Depending on the work you are applying for, this can be challenging. Challenging but not impossible. The..
How to Document Stay-at-Home-Mom Experience on a Resume  by: Collaborator
Parents who are returning to the workforce after a long absence may think that the work they've done organizing family life, running a household and volunteering on school trips don't relate to the..
Simple Mistakes that Cause Your Resume to Hit the Trash Before it's even Seen by the Employer  by: Chris De La Rosa
It was time for us to get some much need help with our websites so we decided that its time we hired someone on a part time basis. Though we really couldnt afford it, we felt that the only way for us..
5 Common Reasons For Failure at a Job Interview  by: Derek Rogers
In the current economic climate these tips could give you that critical edge over other job seekers out there in the market. The power is with the employers at present. Despite years of candidate..
12 Best Practices For a Winning Cover Letter - Part 2  by: Gordon Walter
In my last post, we discussed the first six "best practices" for a winning cover letter. Unfortunately, the cover letter is often an afterthought However, the cover letter is a very important part of..
Resume Tips for School Leavers  by: Michael McGarry
Leaving school can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. All of a sudden it is time to think about getting a job. Whether it is a full time job, apprenticeship or a casual job, having a killer..
Executive Job Search : Does Your Resume Describe The Real You  by: Joe Pelayo
As President of an executive search firm, I see resumes from highly qualified and able candidates every day. And it only takes a glance to see why many of these experienced executives are not getting..
How To Write a Resume That Gets Results: The 5 Essential Elements to Focus On  by: Michelle Dumas
On the surface it seems like it should be easy. But writing a resume that actually gets you interviews and draws excellent results can be a challenge. If you are trying to write your own resume,..
What to Bring to a Teaching Job Interview  by: Kathy Adams McIntosh
Teachers come to the classroom each day ready to enlighten their students with well prepared lesson plans. Before the teacher even makes it to the classroom, however, she must get hired for the job...
10 Techniques to Successfully Close a Teacher Job Interview  by: Candace Davies
There are several steps one must take to achieve a teaching position; getting chosen for an interview is step number one. When you get chosen, this shows that an employer is interested in you and..
A List Of Interview Questions  by: Carl DiNello
If you wish to prepare yourself in advance for the big job interview coming up, why not familiarize yourself with some typical questions used in job interviews? There are usually two types of..
How to Deal With a Job Gap on a Resume  by: Kristen Fischer
If you've got a gap of time between jobs on your resume, what's the best way to present it? Should you ignore a career gap? Note it on the resume? Or save an explanation for the interview? Here are..
5 Easy Steps to a Professional Resume  by: Sabrina S Siracusa
As a former Human Resources pro I reviewed thousands of resumes. The following suggestions should help you avoid getting yours in the slush pile. One of the toughest parts of writing a resume is..
Free Resume Tips To Improve Your Chances  by: David Raybould
Free resume tip anyone? Struggling to write an effective resume is something that holds many people back in their search for career success and employment happiness. Luckily, its not really that..
Reminding Your Network That You're Looking  by: Jessica M Holbrook
Recently I spoke with a woman who has been looking for work for some time. She devotes a significant amount of time each week to networking activities. She said something that stood out to me: "I..
Creative Ideas for Writing Your Resume  by: Amir Elion
There are basic rules for writing effective resumes. Those rules are not discussed here - they may easily be found on the Internet by looking for "advice for writing resume" or "resume tips" on any..
How to Write a Professional Resume With Ease  by: Thomas Lee Dean
If you want to get hired, you have to write a professional resume these days. This wasn't the case a few years back. But as the number of people with higher qualifications grow, so does the number of..
Resume 101 - Proofreading Your Resume - Sink Or Swim?  by: Darrell DiZoglio
Proofreading is a specialized skill and MS Word only gets about one third of the job done. So if you were relying on the spell check feature to finish your proofreading don't even dream of using that..
Resume Formats-What are the Different Resume Formats and how to Use Them??  by: Ana Thames
There is no such perfect resume format that can impress the recruiters. Each format of CV holds its importance. There are several formats of resume. Today, there are three main formats in use. They..
Getting Organized in Your Job Search  by: Candace Davies
Many job seekers have an unrealistic picture of how much time the job search will take them. If you are currently working full-time but want to change jobs, plan to spend up to 8 hours each week on..
What Not to Put in Your Resume - 7 New Tips - Instantly Salvage Your Resume  by: Stephen Q Shannon
Revised or new resume? Forget resume "laws" you learned from your teacher or professor. That was then. This is now. You have more to say and less chance of getting someone to spend more than 11..
Resume Writing Tips  by: Dale Lawrence
Resume Writing doesnt have to be a solo gig Resume writing can be the bottleneck to advancements in your career. If you find yourself getting writers block consider getting help. You can find experts..
A Killer Secret To Get Your Cover Letter Read  by: Jimmy Sweeney
You're still readingso I know my title grabbed your attention. Why? Because it 'packed a punch.' You have three seconds to nab your reader in any written communication. Do it with a smashing title or..
Writing an International Resume  by: Rajat Vashishta
When we started with our Resume writing service we never had thought that we would be writing international resumes. That assignment however did come one day and we were forced to write the resume..
Write Your CV Like Professionals  by: Hani A Masgidi
CV writing is critical as it reflect your image to the employer that you want to work for. The stronger the skill and experience descriptions are in your CV--the higher the number of interviews and..
Resume Outline - Add Structure & Flow to Your Resume  by: Roger Clark
Building your resume, based on a resume outline will give it structure and flow... it provides an outline of all the things you should include in your resume. A resume is one of the most important..
Career Success - 5 Ways to Make Your Resume Rock Your Role  by: Linda Lopeke
You should always have an up-to-date resume on hand (and preferably instantly downloadable from your personal web site). Opportunities are everywhere and you need to be ready to act quickly when they..
Getting Your Resume to the Top  by: H. Kim
The job market will get better and 2011 will see a lot of good people hired. Am I Nostrodamus? No. But like a good roller coaster ride, it's time for the ride to head upward. Your most critical..
Interview Techniques for Teaching Posts  by: Erin Schreiner
To obtain a teaching post during an interview, you must demonstrate both your competency as an educator and your appropriateness for the position. By effectively preparing for your interview, you can..
Tips on Mailing My Resume  by: Julie Hampton
The traditional way of passing on a resume is via postal mail. Sending a resume may seem as simple as dropping information into the mail. However, following a few tips from the size of envelope used..
5 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid  by: Jason Stroming
Weve all had to do it at some point in our lives: sit down and write our rsum. To some people, its the easiest thing in the world to do. For others, its the hardest, scariest thing to have to face...
What a Resume Should Look Like?  by: Marco Newton
A resume is the starting point in any selection process. It has become a kind of business card to anyone. The resume should be understood as a marketing tool, sort of advertising material which opens..
10 Teacher Interview Tips To Help You Ace Your Next Teacher Interview  by: Adam Waxler
A teacher interview discussion panel is held at the end of each semester as part of the teacher Alternative Certification Program at Manatee Community College. The panel is made up of myself and four..
Five Tips for Having a Successful Phone Interview  by: Candace Davies
More and more employers are deciding to interview candidates over the phone, especially if the prospective employee lives in another city or state. Telephone interviews have their own unique..
Effective Resume Writing - Is Your Resume Up To The Task?  by: Ron Sandifor
FACT: Qualified people who would be a great fit for a particular job get passed over because of an inadequate resume. Effective resume writing is the solution. FACT: Your resume only has from 10-30..
The Interview - Don't Become a 10 Second Victim  by: Lenny Keitel
As a Hiring Manager ... The purpose of this article is not intended to list the top 10 or 15 tips to 'ace' an interview. It is intended to highlight the criteria potentially influencing the outcome..
Get In The Game With a Stellar Resume  by: Linda Matias
During the job hunter's market of the 1990's, employers were settling for less than qualified candidates because the candidate pool was so small. Job hunters were able to name their price and..