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How to Get Hired - Job Interview Tactics  by: frankfurness
How to Submit Your Resume Online  by: Robin Henry
Introduction Submitting your resume online is quick and easy and is done in three different ways depending on the agency with whom you are submitting. Those who offer all three ways allow you to..
Top Interview Pointers Be Set To Achieve  by: Felicity Lightbody
One of the most simple items is to research the firm where you are visting to interview, before you go there. Make sure you do your studying and get details on when they were formed and the number of..
"Golden Job Search Tip #1: Making The Most Of Organization"  by: Kit Samuels
Not so long ago, after plenty of winds and a few light showers, one of those wonderfully clear 'bonus' days arrived where we were able to see those gorgeous mountains surrounding Los Angeles. It made..
Professional Job Interview Tips  by: Rhonda Campbell
According to the United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of April 2010, the unemployment rate for non-farm industries in America was at 9.9 percent. Professional job..
Rules for Resume Writing  by: Carolyn Quesada
A resume very simply is a formal document that outlines your qualifications, skills and (work and/or other) experience to a prospective employer prior to an interview. It is job specific, and may..
What Are Targeted Cover Letters?  by: Heather Eagar
If you are currently out of work, or are thinking about leaving your job then there's a chance that you've written at least one cover letter in your lifetime. But the question is what type of cover..
How to Write a Resume Objective Statement  by: Collaborator
The first thing employers typically read at the top of your resume is your objectives statement. While some modern resume templates call for a more lengthy objectives statement, the traditional..
Is Your Resume Missing These 5 "Must-Haves?"  by: Mary Elizabeth Bradford
Making sure your resume is a powerful marketing document is a wise investment in your career. It can set you apart from your competition, maximize the amount of interviews you land and ultimately..
Job Interview Tips: How To Interview With Confidence  by: Adam Waxler
Since just getting an interview can often seem like a job in itself, you can go ahead and give yourself a big pat on the back if you've landed one However, now the hard work really starts Now it's..
Creative Resume Tips  by: Jocelyn Right
Resume writing is an important part of the application process. A well-written resume can engage a potential employer's interest. Making sure your listed skills are relevant and unique can ensure..
Writing Cover Letters That Sizzle  by: Alesia Benedict
Anything being sent to a decision-maker should sell you, not just state facts. When conducting a job search, your cover letter and resume are in a pile for the decision-maker to review, one by one,..
General Resume Cover Letter Guide  by: Aseriah Jordan
When you are writing a cover letter you have to keep in mind that it is an introduction to your resume and you are trying to get the employer to give you a call for an interview. Here are the main..
Write Your CV Like Professionals  by: Hani A Masgidi
CV writing is critical as it reflect your image to the employer that you want to work for. The stronger the skill and experience descriptions are in your CV--the higher the number of interviews and..
Your Resume - Never Go Job Hunting Without It!  by: Jennifer Geary
Sitting in the waiting room, your hands are cold and clammy. You have an interview with the executive board and are so nervous you feel like last night's supper has a date with your tongue. In the..
How to Write a Resume - Summary Statement  by: Barry Simpson
Positioned at the top of the resume, usually instead of the objective statement (though you can have both at the same time), the summary statement is your small bio or sound-bite and gives the reader..
How to Write a Stellar Cover Letter  by: Jason Kay
The cover letter you submit with your resume may be the only chance you have to be considered for a position. So, you need to know how to write a cover letter that can make you a winner in the..
How to Answer the Question "What are your biggest weaknesses?"  by: Candace Davies, A+ Resumes for Teachers
Your response could include something that may have been a challenge in the past, and you have taken steps to rectify the problem. It is also important to be honest, they will be testing your honesty..
Why Are Great Cover Letters For Your Resume Still As Important As Ever?  by: Robert De Paola
As the world is speeding up with new technologies, the job market is undergoing major changes and it is becoming harder for job seekers to stand out from the crowd. In turn, this impacts on the job..
Job Interviews - Last Minute Strategies  by: Tom McBroom
If you've followed good job interview tips about what to do to prepare for the interview, you're already off to a good start. Here are some last minute suggestions for things to consider when you're..
Call Center Interviews Know What to Expect  by: Julia Penny
What can you expect in call center interviews? What makes a good call center agent? Know what the interviewer is looking for in the call center interview and prepare to win that call center job. Call..
Interviews - Winning Answers  by: Kelly Nazare
In this article I will share with some examples of winning answers you can use to do well in an interview. So are you ready? Let's use a typical example. Let's say you are a mechanical engineer with..
Tips on How to Make a Resume  by: Leyla Norman
Writing a resume takes significant time and effort. In addition, each job you apply for requires some tweaking to make it a perfect fit for the specific job requirements. Rework your resume a few..
Resume Mistakes - Top Things You Must Include on Every Resume  by: Duffy D. Hobbs
Your resume is your foot in the door. It will be reviewed by someone who has never met you and will spend about 10-20 seconds reading the information you have provided before they toss your resume..
Cover Letters - 5 Top Tips To Impress The Employer  by: Gillian Rogerson
Most employers consider cover letters to be of equal importance as your resume. Some consider it to be more important as it gives an indication of the applicant's personality. Here are five tips to..
Top 5 Tips For Improving Your CV  by: Kath Finney
Your CV is an invaluable mechanism for creating a positive impression to organisations that you are interested in working for: it is the foundation on which their perceptions will be based, so it is..
Resume Layout - Understanding Each Section of the Resume  by: Dan Rennecker and Mike Porto
Trying to perfect your resume layout can be a very stressful task so it is very important to understand the goals and objectives of each section. The following is a breakdown of the different..
Five Resume Writing Strategies From a Career Coach's Secret Toolkit  by: Nimish Thakkar
1. Speak the employer's language Every profession has a unique set of buzzwords (keywords). Using the right keywords will not only add credibility to the resume, but it will also make your resume..
Resumes: Let's Be For Real  by: John Chase
When it comes to resumes, most job seekers know that honesty is the best policy. Never say you graduated from college when you didn't or make a job last a year longer than it really did. But the..
How to Make a Video Resume  by: Collaborator
The Youtube generation has added another digital tool to its arsenal that has revolutionized the job search process. Video resumes are fast becoming an effective method of capturing the attention of..
Five Tests to Ensure That Your Resume Gets Noticed  by: Laura SmithProulx
In the rush to get your resume in front of employers, stop for a minute (or a few hours) and consider whether you're giving an accurate picture of your capabilities. All too often, candidates unload..
Three Essentials of Writing Resume Title  by: Jennie Gandhi
Resumes play an important role when it comes to applying for a job position. Whether the first job or a change in job, resume helps to showcase an individual's skills and potentials to employers in a..
How to Dress for a Job Interview - Men  by: Collaborator
Skills, experience and attitude will land you a job, but your interview attire is more important than you think. It's an opportunity to make a good first impression with a potential employer or..
The Resume (ESL teachers)  by: Scott Sommers
I've seen a lot of resumes from people looking for work in Taiwan, and there's a big problem with most of them. They're well-written, but they fail to show how excellent a teacher the writer really..
Go Beyond Your Resume, and Visualize Your Perfect Job  by: Allen Voivod
Got your resume out to the recruiters? Already signed up for that resume distribution service? Good. While your resume starts making its way through the job search ether, you've got some time to..
How to Write a Resume After a Workers' Compensation Injury  by: J. Johnson
Workers' compensation is benefits and medical costs paid to individuals who have been injured on the job. These benefits and coverage of medical expenses are required under workers' compensation law...
Preparing Yourself for the Interview Day  by: Daisey Brown
Although we wait desperately for an interview call but as the interview day comes near we start having butterflies in our stomach. You might have faced a number of interviews before but it is..
Administrative Cover Letter Writing Tips  by: Tim Coe
Did you know that out of every 100 resumes employers receive only 15-20 have cover letters? Most of you probably didn't know that. Ill also be willing to bet that most of you don't realize that the..
How to List Temp Jobs on a Resume  by: Collaborator
Listing your temp jobs on your resume can be tricky. There is a tendency to pigeonhole people with a long history of temporary employment as unstable, undesirable or troublesome employees. Omitting..
How to Write a Resume for Teaching English As a Foreign Language  by: Sharika Sanku
A resume is a reflection of a person's experience, personality, and overall caliber as a worker. It is an index that businesses and organizations of all kinds use to measure a candidate's worth. In a..