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Mastering the Cover Letter  by: Anish Majumdar
Mastering the cover letter is possibly the most difficult part of applying for a job. Once you have finally gotten your resume or curriculum vitae formatted and worded precisely to suit the job you..
How to Properly List Employment References  by: Collaborator
There are many ways to list employment references on your resume, but the best way is to keep the information short. You want potential employers to read through your references list in just a few..
5 Ways to Make Your Executive Resume an Easier Read  by: Jessica M Holbrook
One thing that makes writing an executive resume challenging is realizing that you have so much amazing experience to add to the document but not enough space to do so. Oftentimes, you may go ahead..
How to Make a Good Impression at a Job Interview  by: Roger Clark
When you are selected to participate in a job interview, it means that there is something about you that the employer liked. You will want to take advantage of this and not ruin the good impression..
Interview Tips for Special Education High School Teachers  by: John London
Special education high school teachers work with young people who have disabilities, which may include severe cognitive, emotional or physical disabilities. In addition to life skills and basic..
Resume Preparation Alert! Resume Preparation Strategies To Impress Employers!  by: David Green
Copyright 2005 by David Green When thinking about resume preparation, it is important to analyze your inner-self. Ask yourself who you are now and who you want to..
How to Build a Powerful Resume  by: Jack Reichert
Now that so many people have lost their jobs in today's economic crisis, and so many people are out there looking in the field, it is more important than ever to stand out in the crowd when..
What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?  by: Julia Penny
"What are your strengths and weaknesses?" is a standard job interview question and also one of the most difficult to formulate the right answer to. Prepare beforehand for this interview question and..
Writing a Must-Read Cover Letter  by: Lindsey Hadwin
If you want to land an interview, youll need more than a perfectly polished resume, youll also need a perfectly polished cover letter. A cover letter does more than provide a mere introduction, it..
Resume Updating Time  by: Matthew C. Keegan
Do you feel as if you are in a R.U.T.? No, I don't mean that you are stuck in a ditch somewhere, rather is it Resume Updating Time? If you haven't updated your resume once over the past year, now is..
Auto-Disqualification - When Your Resume Never Reaches the Decision Maker  by: Steven Bristow
How would you know if your resume did or didnt reach the appropriate decision maker? You can truly never know for certain. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that your resume does not..
The Idiots Guide To A Great Resume  by: Lee Lister
Well, youve finished your education or you want a new job so now youve got to write your first resume or CV. How do you go about this? Well first of all what is a resume or for our European friends..
Top Interview Pointers Be Set To Achieve  by: Felicity Lightbody
One of the most simple items is to research the firm where you are visting to interview, before you go there. Make sure you do your studying and get details on when they were formed and the number of..
How to Document Stay-at-Home-Mom Experience on a Resume  by: Collaborator
Parents who are returning to the workforce after a long absence may think that the work they've done organizing family life, running a household and volunteering on school trips don't relate to the..
Cover Letters - A Summary of What To Include  by: Luke Holden
The two most significant types of cover letter are called the 'application cover letter' and the 'prospecting cover letter'. The 'application cover letter' is exactly that, an application to an..
Finding the Best Professional Resume Writer  by: Gordon Walter
Job candidates in this economic recession are frequently turning to professional writers to create resumes that will attract the attention of employers. In today's labor market, a good resume should..
4 Reasons for Career Gaps and How to Handle Them on Your Resume  by: Don Goodman
Especially in this economy, employment gaps are typical. Employers generally view a gap in employment negatively, however, it does not have to be this way. In these cases, it is important to indicate..
Career Change Resume: How to Get Noticed!  by: John Groth
Career change after you've worked in a career for a number of years requires you to draft a resume that will help you make the career change. In normal circumstances writing a strong resume is a..
Rules for Resume Writing  by: Carolyn Quesada
A resume very simply is a formal document that outlines your qualifications, skills and (work and/or other) experience to a prospective employer prior to an interview. It is job specific, and may..
Job Interview Questions and Job Interview Tips For Anyone Who Wants to Get The Job  by: Karen Fritscher
Top job interview questions you might be asked during an interview range from why do you want this job to what is your greatest weakness. So quickly now, tell me just what is your greatest weakness?..
Tips For Good Resume Writing  by: Shen Gerald
Unless one is born with a silver spoon, more often than not, a person has to work at some point of his or her life. We can safely say that a very significant amount of our waking hours is spent..
Resume Template Writing - Do Resume Templates Really Work?  by: Scott Kearse
There are thousands of resume templates on the web at the click of a search button. Are they the best option for you or are they too generic? Many resume sites have hundreds of different layouts for..
Executive Resume Tips - Five Common Resume Mistakes  by: Mary Elizabeth Bradford
I see it too many times. Brilliant, forward thinking executives who miss out on fabulous job opportunities just because their resume wasn't working for them like it should! A resume is no place to..
Properly Listing Education on a Resume  by: Dawn Rasmussen
Oftentimes, I see some awkward management of how people list their education on their rsum. Here are some tips and tricks to help effectively convey your investment into your educational career to..
5 Things Your CV or Resume Must Have  by: Sue-ellen Farmer
Preparing a good CV or resume can be compared to preparing a fine meal. An "uneducated" chef may have the best ingredients in his/her kitchen, but the dish that is presented is dull, unflavorful, and..
Resumes: Functional Vs Chronological  by: Chuck Cochran
When summarizing your life-experience to attract a new career-path, one of the critical decisions you have to make is how to present that information in a Resume. Should you focus on your..
Interview Questions for Secondary Teachers  by: Brooke Williams
Principals want to hire teachers who see educating as a passion instead of a job, according to Education World, an online resource for teachers. And teachers who have the ability to connect..
Tips & Skills for Job Interviews  by: Arnold Anderson
As you prepare for your job interview, you may get advice about grooming and using a firm handshake. But there are tips and skills for job interviews that every candidate should be aware of that go..
About That Job Interview - Does it Resemble an Evening at the Improv?  by: Rebecca Metschke
In the right context, good improvisation is amazing. The ability to skillfully create "in the moment" is crucial to comedians and musicians alike. The keys here are skillful, and context. Oh - I..
Build Your Career Skills While Unemployed!  by: John Groth
Job hunting is hard work. The days have become weeks and the weeks have moved into months. Your job hunting plan has been revised, improved, and you still haven't received the right job offer. In..
Where do you see yourself five years from now?  by: Barbara Bright
TRAPS: One reason interviewers ask this question is to see if youre settling for this position, using it merely as a stopover until something better comes along. Or they could be trying to gauge your..
Tips to Write Your Covering Letter 1  by: Gary Goh
The most crucial element while sending out job applications is your cover letter. Think of it as a book cover. Most people would actually judge a book's contents based on the cover. With thousands of..
How to Write a List of Resume Objectives  by: Collaborator
You are suddenly out of work and it is imperative to find new employment as quickly as possible. Jobless does not mean hopeless, but it does mean that you will need to prepare or update a resume as..
How to Write a Cover Letter For a Resume  by: Trevor Johnson
You may have the best resume in the bunch, but if that cover letter does not somehow get them interested right away, you are just going to end up in the pile with everyone else. While you cannot make..
Effective Resumes  by: Colin Ong TS
A resume is normally the first contact point between an employer and a job seeker. It serves the purpose of providing a summary of why a candidate is suitable for a job (cover-letter) and his..
Cover Letters - A Summary of What To Include  by: Luke Holden
The two most significant types of cover letter are called the 'application cover letter' and the 'prospecting cover letter'. The 'application cover letter' is exactly that, an application to an..
12 Tips On the Elements of a Successful Interview  by: Tali Nizic
Throughout the many years of my recruiting experience, I have collected feedback from employers and candidates alike. Fact: You will get hired because of the solid job you do during the interview...
Resume Success Factors--What Exactly Is A Resume Anyway?  by: Peter Hill
You know you're good...real good. The problem, though, is that you are struggling to demonstrate just how good you are on paper. Ah...the resume. If you've ever written one you know what a..
Top 10 Resume Writing Tips  by: Manjusha Nambiar
Having a selling resume will greatly improve your chances of getting that dream job. So how does one write that perfect resume that is sure to grab the attention of prospective employers? Here in..
Lying on Your Resume Could Be the Best Thing You Could Do For Your Career  by: Derek Johnson
Have you ever been passed over for a job despite the fact you KNEW you couldve done the job in a stellar fashion? Are you frustrated because you never got a college degree yet do the EXACT same job..