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How to Write an Effective Resume  by: George Stillwell
There are many great resume writing websites and software packages. This article will not give you all the specifics on how to write a great resume but rather will hit on some of the major design..
5 Tips For A Successful Job Interview  by: Vikesh Ghelani
A successful job interview is your gateway to a professional career. No matter how qualified and experienced you are, unless you fare exceptionally well in this selection process and win the..
Qualified Candidates Poorly Written Resumes  by: Linda Matias
ARE YOU JEOPARDIZING YOUR CAREER POTENTIAL? Youve sent your resume to dozens of potential employers yet you havent heard back from any of them. You were certain that your detailed work history would..
Resume Writing Tips  by: Robert Charlton
Unless you have been unusually lucky and landed your dream job on the first attempt, you have probably had more than one job. Fast food places and retail stores usually do not require a resume, but..
7 Ways to Make Your Resume Do Its Job: Tips to Avoid Mistakes and Get that Interview!  by: Steve Schwarzman
Job-seekers everywhere ask what hiring managers look for in a resume. While the answer varies per industry and position, here are some guidelines to follow - illustrated by some bloopers that show..
Nail the Interview  by: Amy Hoover
Interviews are your big chance to make it happen. A lot can ride on the outcome; often there's not a 2nd chance. But hey, no pressure right? A lot has been said and written about interviews in the..
Creating a Professional Resume: How to Not Get Stuck Along With the Jobless  by: Suzette Dean
A professional resume is a document that showcases your talent and skills to the corporate or working community. This will pave your way to getting your skills and expertise noticed. With that, it..
Making Your Resume Visually Stunning  by: Jack K.
How long have you been job hunting long enough? How many resumes have you sent out? Enough now Not enough? How often have you tweaked your resume? Have you had a lot of contact for interviews? Why..
The Ideal Resume  by: Maxwell Hurst
When one goes for an interview, the potential employer has no idea of who the applicant is. In some cases, the person applied to the ad while others used a headhunter or job site on the internet and..
Best Job Interview Tips: How To Quickly Get A Job  by: Bob Stanley
Job interviewing is a critical part of an individual's job search. This is the time to sell your skills and experiences. It is critically important to practice prior to your interviews. Job seekers..
Writing A Covering Letting For Job Application? You Need These Tips  by: David Raybould
A covering letter for your job application is not only essential, but it may be the one thing that separates you from all the other candidates-follow these tips to make sure it separates you for..
The Must-Have List for Successful Job Search  by: Remi Morrison
It is a well-known fact that a job searching is time-consuming and demands a lot of effort and preparation. It is hard to deny it, but a job seeking is not such a nightmare as it seems. Once you have..
Resume Writing - Things to Avoid  by: Neil W
Resume writing can be a tough job especially if you are new to this field. Here are some tips on what to avoid and what to include in your resume to help you get noticed. Your resume gives your..
Does a Nice Writing Pen make a Different at an Interview?  by: James Malervy
Employers know what they are looking for in a resume. If they see a resume mistake in any one of the resumes they are reviewing for a position, that resume will likely get filed in the "do not follow..
Following Up The Job Employment Interview Process  by:
After interviewing for a job offer you may well be sitting pretty waiting for that precious phone call yes or no being the answer. Can you speed up the process without causing trouble? After all you..
Budget Clerk Resume  by: Jennifer Joe Parker
Before we go to actual writing of a budget clerk resume, let us understand what he does actually or what qualifications he possesses. It will help you to relate to the resume elements. The job..
Your Resume Cover Letter  by: Bryan Thorby
Your resume is a very important component of your job search. Having a great cover letter to accompany your resume is equally as important as the resume. Admittedly not all prospective employers read..
Resume Mistakes That Could Cost You  by: Dawn Summerdale
Accepted resume practices change over time, sometimes due to preferences of hiring managers and other times due to changes in technology. Using outdated resume techniques can make you look like you..
A Closer Look at Cover Letters  by: Lorraine Lee
Anybody that can write a powerful cover letter for sales is surely going to get that sales job he or she desires. What a cover letter actually does is to enable a person to enter through the door of..
A List Of Interview Questions  by: Carl DiNello
If you wish to prepare yourself in advance for the big job interview coming up, why not familiarize yourself with some typical questions used in job interviews? There are usually two types of..
How to Give Good Answers to Common Interview Questions  by: Tony Jacowski
Do not rehearse these answers, lest you sound mechanical in front of the interviewer. This article is just to give you an idea of how you can change the usual answers to something better. Tell Me..
Five Advanced Resume Writing Tips  by: Paresh Rawal
Importance of having a well written, professional looking resume: Companies don't interview every applicant for the job because they don't have time to interview each and every candidate who have..
Resume Cover Letters That Demand Attention!  by: John Groth
Writing a resume with all the required information, a list of accomplishments and formatted to draw attention; if you ask any job hunter it's a lot of work. Behind the finished product there are many..
Resume Writing Tip Checklist  by: James Sweeny
The resume is your most important sales tool you can use when looking for a new job. It is one of the tools you'll use again and again throughout your entire lifetime. But it's not as easy as it may..
Resume Writing - Cover Letter Tips That Will Land You Quality Job Interviews  by: James Sweeny
The dreaded cover letter. I admit it. Even the best of us at times cringe when we have to write the cover letter. After all, intuitively it seems so redundant. What can I tell this employer that he..
Job Interview Attire  by: Raymond James
In an interview as well as any preparation for job interview questions and answers, your choice of attire plays a very important role. Your behavior, interpersonal skills and aptitude are equally..
The Making of Masterpiece Resume Cover Letter  by: Jimmy Sweeney
When hunting for a new job, the primary key tools that you need are an excellent resume and a back up resume cover letter. These two masterpieces are your ways of introducing yourself to the..
Resume Samples - Fast Track Your Resume Using Samples  by: Lisa Galloway
Not interested in writing your own resume? Or not having the success you would like with your current resume? We all know how important a well written resume can be. Well it's no good being the best..
Teacher Cover Letter Sample Helps You To Write A Meaningful Cover Letter  by: Alan Bleiweiss
Quite obviously, market is flourished up with numbers of job vacancies today. Among them, you can seriously approach the one if you are really looking for a stable job. As a matter of fact, one of..
How To Type A Resume For Employers  by: David Green
Copyright 2005 by David Green Learning how to type a resume may feel like a daunting task. Even the most affluent writers have asked themselves, how to type a..
LinkedIn Profile  by: RedStarResume
The advent of Internet has opened new avenues for people to build and sustain professional and business relationships. LinkedIn is one such communication channel that facilitates a robust and..
What your body language is saying for you  by: Colleen McKie
When trying to impress someone, you pay attention to what you are saying, how you are saying it and your visual representation. You make sure that you dont say anything offensive. You also make sure..
How To Prepare For A Job Interview  by: Yulin Peng
So you have the call letter for a job interview in your mail. Get going and do your homework done immediately. Find out all about the company, the job you applied for, the competitors, the products..
Career Change Resume Writing Tips  by: Frank DeMaria
Career change resume writing is quite different than what you may be accustomed to when creating a typical resume, but becoming more common every day. Many people are finding themselves looking at..
5 Steps for Submitting Your Resume and Cover Letter  by: Candace Davies
Many job seekers spend a lot of money on futile distribution of resumes and cover letters, especially when they do it by mail or by walk-in. Luckily there are several, more effective ways to make..
Is Your Resume Out of Date?  by: Stephen Long
Are you looking for new employment but feeling a little past your prime? If you have all the significant skills and experience from previous years of work, the only other thing you will need to get..
Australia Week  by: RedStarResume
How do Australian Resumes differ from those of other countries? A well written and properly presented Australian resume can be your ticket to finding an Australian job. The Australian job market is..
Examples of a Personal Profile for a Resume  by: Jesse Sopher
In the course of every job hunt, potential employees often wonder how to spice up their resumes in order get the attention of potential employers. Many go as far as to hire a professional resume..
How to Create a Great Electronic Resume  by: Vincent Czaplyski
After creating the perfect resume, you then need to distribute it. You'll likely be sending some professionally printed hard copies, especially to "A list" companies or organizations you've set your..
How to Make a Writer's Resume  by: Collaborator
Getting noticed is key to being hired as a writer. Knowing how to put together a writer's resume has everything to do with getting noticed. There are a lot of writers out there who have similar..