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Resume Tips for the Composition-Challenged Job Seeker  by: Sharifawan
There are plenty of resume tips available online for your quick reference and use and you don't have to be a Byron, Shelley or Wordsworth to come up with a resume worthy of merit. Job sites not only..
Writing A Resume  by: Azhar Victor
Writing a resume and writing it well makes the difference between an applicant being considered or otherwise for a follow-up assessment. The resume should essentially be able to communicate to the..
Where do you see yourself five years from now?  by: Barbara Bright
TRAPS: One reason interviewers ask this question is to see if youre settling for this position, using it merely as a stopover until something better comes along. Or they could be trying to gauge your..
Why Would You Need A Catchy Resume  by: Wain Roy
Its a common mistake to think of resumes as a chronicle of your past. Resumes are not just about capturing history; they must create historyin a way that differentiates yours from thousands of the..
Learn From the Job Interview Mistakes I've Made, and Be Better For It  by: H. Kim
I've made a lot of job interview mistakes in my lifetime of looking for jobs. And although at this point, I can navigate the labyrinth of the interviewing process fairly well; I have definitely..
Writing a Free Sample Resume Cover Letter Worth Sending  by: Mario J. Churchill
You have probably heard that you should be careful when taking free advice or using free samples. The understanding is that more often than not when you get something free you are getting exactly..
Your Resume - Will it Get You the Interview Or Eliminate Your From Contention?  by: Rebecca Metschke
The purpose of your resume is to land you an invitation to interview. Is yours going to deliver? Chances are, the hiring manager has a stack of resumes on her desk, all representing people who are..
What is a Career Change Resume and Who Needs One  by: Tracey Drake
If youre just finishing up a new career course program or you find yourself in the middle of a corporate downsizing, or just want to try something different after several years in the same job, youll..
Expert Tips on Preparing Your Resume  by: Tony Jacowski
Be Brief Usually, when you present your resume, it is added to hundreds or thousands of other resumes, which are handed over as well. So it's vital that your resume be as short as possible with the..
How to Put Certifications on a Resume  by: Shemiah Williams
Your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is a showcase of your experience and education. It should be comprehensive yet strategic. As it relates to the "Education" section of your resume or CV,..
How to Dress for a Job Interview - Women  by: Collaborator
Perfect grooming is your first assignment when you interview for a job, whether you want to be a CEO or an entry-level factory worker. To a prospective employer, how you dress says a great deal about..
How to Make a Good Impression at a Job Interview  by: Roger Clark
When you are selected to participate in a job interview, it means that there is something about you that the employer liked. You will want to take advantage of this and not ruin the good impression..
Job Interview Tips & Answers  by: Arnold Anderson
When you finally get a job interview as the result of your job-hunting efforts, you want to be sure that you are prepared for your interview. In order to impress the hiring manager, you should take..
Are Cover Letters Really Essential For Your Success in a Job Hunt?  by: Darrell DiZoglio
A small minority of people like some veteran recruiters mistakenly believe that you can do without great cover letters. They could not be more wrong. Many of these folks simply dislike receiving..
Impacts of Lying on Your Resume  by: Jennie Gandhi
No matter how eager and desperate are you to get a rewarding job in a specified organization or firm, lying on your resume will never prove to be beneficial. There are many people who make this..
How to Type a Resume  by: Christina Hamlett
A resume - also known as a CV (curriculum vitae) - is oftentimes the very first impression that a prospective employer has about you. If it's neat and put together well, it may result in an..
Professional Resume Layout Advice  by: Dan and Mike
A professional resume layout is critical to your job searching success. People often ask "How can I make sure that I have a professional resume layout?" and the short answer is just use common sense...
Resume Tips To Land The Perfect Job  by: Tony Jacowski
Your resume must always attract an employer's attention at first sight. Hence make a best resume using some resume tips to land you your dream job Always use attractive titles and heading that match..
Cover Letters - A Summary of What To Include  by: Luke Holden
The two most significant types of cover letter are called the 'application cover letter' and the 'prospecting cover letter'. The 'application cover letter' is exactly that, an application to an..
Writing Your CV Or Resume That Gets Read  by: John C Sadler
Recruiters spend most of their working lives struggling through CVs that are badly written, badly presented and not right for the work for which they have been submitted. Worse than that, most CVs..
4 Biggest Resume Killers (and How to Avoid Them)  by: Anish Majumdar
Developing an effective resume can be a daunting task. How do you summarize the most relevant aspects of your career within 1-2 pages? Which details should be included and which saved for the..
Job Interview Know How - 7 Quick Steps to Ace Your Face to Face and Get a Job Offer in 30 Days  by: RL Polhill
Did you think you did well on your last job interview only to never receive a call back or job offer? Are you thinking about what you said and how you looked during your last face to face job..
Three Most Important Questions Your Resume Should Answer  by: Desire Somerville
What do you want? When you submit a resume make sure you have a career objective! This is important because it tells the employer what position you are applying for. Don't leave an employer guessing..
Three Common Resume Questions Answered  by: Heather Eagar
How many times have you found yourself in the midst of writing your resume when you realized that there were some questions you simply had to have answered before you could move forward? Everyone has..
Elements of a Good Resume  by: Steve McMains
A good resume opens the door to fresh and new opportunities. This is the first thing that a prospective employer reads to create an impression about you. Thus, it is very important that you put as..
Why Would You Need A Catchy Resume  by: Wain Roy
Its a common mistake to think of resumes as a chronicle of your past. Resumes are not just about capturing history; they must create historyin a way that differentiates yours from thousands of the..
The Biggest Mistakes that Job Applicants Make  by: Candace Davies
If you have been job searching for an extended period of time with no results, it doesnt mean that you arent skilled or knowledgeable, but it may mean that you are lacking in job search skills. Just..
Your Resume - Will it Get You the Interview?  by: Rebecca Metschke
The purpose of your resume is to land you an invitation to interview. Is yours going to deliver? Chances are, the hiring manager has a stack of resumes on her desk, all representing people who are..
Job Search Using Social Media  by: Nargis Seikh
With the growth and importance of Internet in the latest generation, one important factor of ‘Social Media’ also has popped up. Today this media occupies most of the bandwidth for an individual..
What To Look For In A Free Resume Template  by: Roy Miller
Downloading a free resume template can seem like the solution to all your resume problems. Not so fast! By all means, check out what free resume templates are available, but then ask yourself some..
Business analyst resume writing skill.  by: akshay sou
A resume for Business Analyst is incomplete without a Technical Skills section. You can divide your Skills section into Managerial/Professional Skills and Technical Skills. Like with all other..
Resume Templates to Design Your Resume  by: Charles D Martin
It is well known that resumes are most important documents when you are seeking the job opportunities in any company. Before appearing for the interview you must send the resume to the prospective..
5 Resume Tips - Do What Most Job Seekers Don't  by: Heather Eagar
When it comes to writing a great resume, there are no hard and fast rules or specific formats that you should adhere to; however, your resume should be targeted to each specific job that you are..
Writing a Resume Is Both Simple and Difficult - Telling a Story  by: H. Kim
Writing a resume is, as argued before, quite simple; yet made difficult by the need for it to be persuasive. And to be persuasive, you must tell a story. Telling, or in this case, writing your story..
Killer Resumes - 7 Power Resume Tips  by: Mischelle Watkins
A tight economy forces a competitive job market. What people are now finding is that they are competing for administrative jobs with over-educated and over-qualified job applicants. Now is the time..
Resume Transformation - The 1 "Magic" Word That Transforms Your Resume / CV  by: Robert Odhams
Your resume is of course is your ticket to job interviews, but, if you're like most people, your resume can do with improving. I had a phone call very recently that relates to this. The caller asked:..
Job Interview Technique  by: Lawrence Stoltz
No matter what anyone else will tell you, there are ways to answer specific questions during an interview, as well as things you should NOT say. If you are one of those people who fears the job..
How to Make a Resume Reference Page  by: Liza Hollis
Traditionally, résumés are only one page in length. While references are important to include for potential employers, they can take up valuable space on your brief résumé. Instead, you might..
Cover Letters - 4 Ways to Bomb a Cover Letter  by: Roland Johanson
When out on the hunt for the perfect job, the best or worst way to commit "employment suicide" is by writing an ineffective cover letter that shows weakness and poor decision-making skills. Remember,..
Resume Writing - What Are The Two Words That Will Elevate Your Resume From Ordinary To Great?  by: John Groth
Your resume has one goal and one goal only. Your resume is your ticket to get an early job interview. No interview no job, it's that simple. So if you could get one bit of advice to improve your..