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10 Teacher Interview Tips To Help You Ace Your Next Teacher Interview  by: Adam Waxler
A teacher interview discussion panel is held at the end of each semester as part of the teacher Alternative Certification Program at Manatee Community College. The panel is made up of myself and four..
How To Prepare Great Sample Resumes  by: Alain Boumsong
If you have a job seeker website, the best way to attract visitor and potential clients if by offering free resume samples; since this is one of the major concern of employment seekers you must give..
Favourite Tricky Interview Questions Answered  by: Peter Fisher
Two of the many interview questions that crop up regularly have been going around in my head just recently. These are the ones that could be just like walking into a man-trap if you are not really..
How to Prepare for a Teacher Interview  by: Elizabeth Stover
In anticipation of your teacher interview, take steps to portray yourself as a confident, relaxed and happy educator. Whether you are a brand new applicant or a seasoned one, administrators and..
6 Easy Steps to a Resume That Get Many Interview Calls  by: Vijai Pandey
Do you feel dejected because there are no or very few interview calls even after uploading resume to lots of job- portals? Does opportunities just pass by you as your profile does not get noticed..
7 Words Your Resume Needs  by: David Bowman
Your resume is your first interview. Most personnel directors will look at your resume before they meet you. They will form an opinion of your competency and your personality based on your resume...
The Top 9 Resume Lies  by: Kelsey Lutro
Resume dishonesty. It's a more common occurrence than one might think. People lie on their Resume all the time. In fact, up to 30% of applications contain false material and information. That's a..
Ways to Prepare For a Job Interview  by: Kelly Nazare
Going for an interview is one of the serious events you can ever have in life. This is because; your future is tied to such it. If you succeed, you have a job to earn a living. Hence, you need to..
Advice For Your Next Job Interview  by: James McDonald
Sitting through an interview for a job is stressful for just about anyone. It's understandable and pretty much expected. Now you have likely found quite a bit of information on the internet regarding..
Writing a Resume Cover Letter  by: Brian G Chadra
The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself and why you are applying to a company. It serves as your press secretary with the resume being the treaty being signed so to speak. A sharp..
Re: Cover Letter  by: Surabhi
Mr. Shishir This is of great help. Looking further for ur help in future.
Find Free Resumes Online Databases  by: Kim Proulx
Youre about to learn crafty techniques to help you find free resumes on the net. There are numerous free resources online that offer resumes. These include: Free Resume Databases; Free Member Resumes..
Resume Success Factors--What Exactly Is A Resume Anyway?  by: Peter Hill
You know you're good...real good. The problem, though, is that you are struggling to demonstrate just how good you are on paper. Ah...the resume. If you've ever written one you know what a..
5 Simple Steps That Will Force Employers to Take Notice  by: Ryan Stewart
Trust me, you need all the help you can get to get employers excited about you. Its not that you arent qualified or that you dont deserve to get that pharmaceutical job of your dreams, its just that..
Effective Motivational Interviewing Techniques & Tips  by: Mary Jane
Before you start a job interview, prepare by teaching yourself interview techniques and tips. While you may be nervous before the interview, learn to listen to how the interviewer asks the questions,..
3 Things They Won't Tell You About Your Resume  by: Anish Majumdar
As a job seeker, you're seemingly doing everything right: networking both online and face-to-face, submitting to positions, and even landing a few interviews. However, for some reason, actually..
How to Write a Resume for a Research Job  by: Collaborator
Research jobs in areas such as clinical research or market research demand not only the ability to retrieve data, but also the ability to analyze that data and communicate what it means to your..
How to Address a Cover Letter When the Name Is Unknown  by: Stephanie Flood
The cover letter is very crucial because it represents you professionally. Some problems may get in the way of writing a perfect cover letter, though. Despite all of your research, you may not be..
"What The George Foreman Grill And Your Resume Have In Common--Part 2"  by: Kit Samuels
WHERE ON MY RESUME SHOULD I PLACE QUOTES? Shorter quotes, like quote #1, you can place in your resume early on, right after your objective. This section, called highlights, career profile, or career..
Write A Cover Letter That Rocks  by: Mario J. Churchill
The fact of the matter is that working sucks. No one is really into it just because he wants to. But then again, working is a lot better than asking for loose change. Therefore, a cover letter will..
How to Write a Resume in Paragraph Form  by: Erin Stertz-Follett
You have choices when formatting the body of your resume. The two most common options are bullet point form and paragraph form. When choosing to use the paragraph form, it is important to know how to..
Career Advice: Don't Kill Your Resume With Dumb Errors  by: Ramon Greenwood
Don't doom your resume and cover letter to the trashcan by sending them out with dumb mistakes such as misspelled words. "If you make errors on your application materials, the assumption is you'll..
How to Write a Simple CV  by: Walter Johnson
A curriculum vitae is not a resume; it is a presentation of your academic research, qualifications and approach. A real academic CV is often long and complex, listing in detail publications, teaching..
You Are More Than Your Resume  by: J. Frantz Dorilas
Remember the days when you were in high school or college and you had to write a term paper with a typewriter. Actually, some of you reading this article have never seen a typewriter let alone have..
What To Do When Your Resume Falls Flat  by: Heather Eagar
Are you sitting by the phone, twiddling your thumbs, just waiting to get a call about the job you just posted for? Have you been sitting there a really long time? Have your calls gone unreturned?..
How to Teach Students Elements of an Interview  by: Baptist Johnson
Interview skills are life skills. A good interview can help you secure the job you want, while a bad interview is a sure way to blow your chances. Knowing the elements of an interview offers an..
The School Teacher Resume  by: Carla Vaughan
What does your resume say about you? A school teacher resume has to focus on what you have done well in the past. It must focus on educational background, experience (subject area), professional..
3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying for a Job  by: Anish Majumdar
As a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) I work with clients spanning all major industries in developing resumes, cover letters, executive profiles, etc. that will land them the position of..
Hosting Your Resume Online- A Path to Success  by: Madison Lockwood
These days, unless you're an IT engineer the first place you're likely to go to look for job opportunities is the web. Monster is just the biggest example: there are dozens of job listing sites..
How to Interview for a Teaching Job in Japan  by: Collaborator
As English spreads globally, one of the hot spots for aspiring English teachers is Japan. Japan pays good money to those willing to teach English in its schools and learning centers. Interviewing for..
Resume Objective Examples For Your Use  by: Derek Todom
Instead of giving you a few Resume Objective Examples the focus of this article is to break down the objective statement into different parts so you can utilize the current information that you have..
Top Job Search Skills To Get That Interview - To Get That Job  by: Martin Haworth
Job search skills come more easily to some than others. Even though some people seem to be able to take looking for a job in their stride, for others, there's some learning to do - yet, the truth is..
Resumes: Functional Vs Chronological  by: Chuck Cochran
When summarizing your life-experience to attract a new career-path, one of the critical decisions you have to make is how to present that information in a Resume. Should you focus on your..
Resume Advice for the Experienced Candidate  by: John Boardman
While a new graduates resume is often more general in nature, your resume should be a showcase of your track record, demonstrating to a potential employer what you can bring to the table. Here are..
5 Tips to Make Your Resume Writing More Effective!  by: Noah Zee
Things will never change - resume writing is a difficult task for job searchers of every level of experience; even top-level professionals still hire freelancers to write their resumes for them! But..
Cover Letter - Writing a Great Cover Letter to Get the Results You Want  by: Andrew Robert Johnson
CVs/resumes need an introduction. A CV or Application Form should never be sent without a Cover Letter. Cover Letters provide you with the ideal opportunity to introduce yourself and therefore are a..
CV Examples  by: Ian R McAllister
When faced with the cost of employing a Professional CV writer, against the virtually free cost in creating their own, many candidates choose to use one of the many free CV Examples and Resume..
The Teacher Cover Letter, Your One True Way Of Getting The Teaching Job Of Your Dreams  by: Mario Churchill
Teachers have always made a significant contribution in the development of a nation. They dont build buildings but they have taught the people who do. They dont cure people, but they have taught the..
Changing Careers? How Can You Get An Interview?  by: Peggy McKee
Changing career fields can be daunting, especially in this economy when so many experienced candidates are competing for the same jobs. It can be hard to even land an interviewmuch less get an offer...
15 Tips for Writing Winning Resumes  by: Ann Hackett
The thought of writing a resume intimidates almost anyone. It's difficult to know where to start or what to include. It can seem like an insurmountable task. Here are 15 tips to help you not only..