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Resume and Interview Tips

A Resume Mirrors Your Character: 5 Tips In Writing a Good Resume

We have rounded up another set of tips from one of our recruiters, Ms. Jess, to help our dear applicants ace the recruitment process. Read on to learn more!

Do we really need to make an effort in writing a resume? Is it worth it? Well, the answer is yes. Probably most people, especially the younger ones, think that a resume is just a plain paper with their background information written in it. But one thing that we must remember is that your resume shows who you are. So in order to get the job you’re interested in, here are tips on how to write a more impressive resume.

Provide your contact information in the resume. Make sure that you will not forget to write your name and other contact information as the header of your resume. Remember that once the employer finds your qualification appealing, your contact information is the first thing that they will look for. Your contact information must contain your complete address, mobile or telephone number, and email address. This information will help the employer to get in touch with you easily.

Highlight your best qualification. If you are a fresh graduate, your educational background must be first on the line after your contact information. Make sure to highlight the course you have taken and your accomplishments when you were still studying. However in case you already have professional background, focus more on your working experiences. Do not let your employment history come at the latter part of your resume, because this information will really help you to be considered for the job especially if your previous jobs are related to the position you’re applying for.

It has to be consistent. Do not use different font styles and font sizes in your resume. A good resume must maintain its consistency to show your professionalism and sincerity to get the job you wanted to. You can bold and italicize some of the headings but make sure that there is still consistency with it. If you try to bold one of the headings in your resume like “Objective”, make sure to apply bold typeface in all of the headings to make it presentable. If you also decided to use bullet style in highlighting your accomplishments, make sure you will not use numbering formats with the other parts of your resume.

Write short job descriptions. When writing working experiences, you must not forget to include a short job description in every job you had. Write at least 2-3 job responsibilities to give the employers an idea on what your tasks are from your previous jobs. This will help especially if the tasks you have done so far are still connected to the position that you are applying for.

Finalize your resume. Do not forget to check your grammar and spelling before submitting it to the company you wanted to work with. Make sure that all of your sentences are written correctly and there are no misspelled words. If you are having a problem correcting your grammar, you can ask your friends to help you. Remember that having a bad resume will reflect your personality and might give the employer an impression that you are not prepared in applying for the position.

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