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Resume and Interview Tips

The Must-Have List for Successful Job Search
By:Remi Morrison <yonaremi@gmail.com>

It is a well-known fact that a job searching is time-consuming and demands a lot of effort and preparation. It is hard to deny it, but a job seeking is not such a nightmare as it seems. Once you have a plan, it may occur that the complexity of job hunting is slightly exaggerated. Following this list will help you to make sure that you took care of all the key moments of the process in order to find a job.

1. Resume Updating

A job searching is likely to begin with writing a resume and probably you already have one. There is a tendency to use the same resume for years applying for different jobs and it rarely leads to good results. Even if the information about your career and skills did not change too much, the way you put it can make a big difference.

It is essential to update your resume from time to time. A good resume editing service may ensure you that your resume has a proper structure and includes the relevant keywords for the position you look for.

2. Interview Preparation

The statistic claims that a candidate has only thirty seconds to make a good first impression during the interview. No wonder it is stressful. To reduce the pressure it is better to prepare before meeting the employer. Before the interview, it is a good idea to do a small research about the company, their goals, and expectations.

Once you know this, it would be easier to keep up with their desires. The basic questions are usually common during all the interviews and it is possible to practice in answering them, as well as asking your own.

3. Google Yourself

The majority of people would agree that Google is number one helper nowadays. Every job seeker uses it to look for the vacancies, but only a few of job hunters also check the information about themselves. Just type your name in Google and you will discover what employers usually see about a candidate before inviting him to the interview.

It is possible to find the profiles in LinkedIn, Facebook, feedbacks, photos etc. It is better to make sure that the hiring manager will see only current, accurate and appropriate information which will give him the desire to work with you.

4. Networking

Building professional connections greatly increases the chances of getting hired. The number one tool for professional networking is a LinkedIn website. It is essential not only to complete the profile but also to be active in groups. Leaving comments leads to discussion and adding to the contact list. There are also other options like volunteering and internships that may help to meet people from your sphere of interest.

5. YouTube

It may seem that a YouTube may only distract from work but, in fact, it can be extremely useful for a job searching. It is possible to watch career videos and build your strategy of lucrative job hunting.

YouTube is also a nice source of information for a research about company’s values, goals, and recent news. Finally, creating your own video resume will help you and stand out from the rest of candidates.

6. Magic of Numbers

The common mistake of all job seekers is the usage of general phrases and clichés in a resume and during the interview. Rich experience, great supervising skills, stress resistance sound tediously and will not impress anyone. Once you add a few numbers, the picture changes completely. The phrases like five years of experience, supervising of forty people, increasing the sales for ten percent seem to be the real results and awake the interest.

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