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Dressing for a Job Interview According to Industry
By:Devika Arora

A job interview can be a nerve-wrecking experience, especially if you are desperate for the job. It can make you do things that you would usually give a miss, even for your regular date! There are times when you would take extra care and reach for an interview wearing a tailored suit, polished shoes, with manicured hands and a new haircut. Even though most job seekers tend to focus more on their resume and verbal skills during personal interviews, it is equally important to give attention to your attire. And it is not necessary to wear a suit for every interview. Your dress code should always be according to your profile your industry and department.

The Different Industries and their Interview Attire

Your appearance during a personal interview can make or break your chance of getting a job. There is no doubt that when you are being interviewed, you are being judged on your knowledge, skill and confidence. However, your attire can make a huge difference. But how you must look will vary depending on the industry you are applying to and the position you are being interviewed for.

Let us understand what the general interview expectations are when it comes to the following fields –


Those job seekers who wish to apply to jobs in the technology sector should know that you would not need to wear a suit for a technical position. A simple collared shirt with khaki pants will work wonders. Similarly, women can also wear a collared blouse or shirt with a skirt or slacks. However, these clothes will be suitable for jobs till the executive and senior executive levels and not for higher positions. You can upgrade your clothes accordingly in case you are being interviewed for a higher-level job. In that case, aim at wearing the best clothes that you have.

Human Resources

If you are being interviewed for an HR job, then you must appear authoritative and professional. It must look as though you are in control of situations and are dependable enough to handle a crisis. Look for calming colors, like off-whites, and fabrics that are tasteful and not distractive.


If you are being interviewed for a job in finance, you will know nothing needs more precision and accuracy than managing money. And the nature of the job is such that you have to come across as a slick professional who can do the same. Therefore, you need to be dressed in full business professional attire and can’t afford to have your shoes dirty and hair out of place.


Ideally, a sales job interview will be successful if you dress up in a suit. Nobody wants to purchase a product or service from a casual guy wearing jeans and T-shirt, right? But even though you need to be dressed in smart formals, you can wear brighter colors and bolder designs. This will vary depending on the brand you will be representing and its work culture. So before you go for the interview, make sure you understand whether the brand image is more towards trendy/fashionable or classic.


Preparing for an interview for a government job? Keep it strictly toned down and do not be flashy! It is time to show that you are honest, trustworthy and responsible. Even though you can wear some color, you still need to remain minimalistic with jewelry and make-up. You must also avoid heavy hairstyles that will take the attention away from your work. Overall, you should be conservative and on the day of the interview you can dress up plainly, but you should also try to break away from the monotonous white shirt trend.


Yes, this is one industry where you don’t have to worry about having a little grease on your hands. However, you should still try to look neat and clean. But that does not mean you need a suit to impress the potential recruiter. It would be futile and may even end up looking silly. Unless you are being interviewed for a job at a high-end dealership, where the employer wants you to look a bit swankier, a job seeker in the automotive industry expects the interviewees to be dressed in simplistic clothing.


A tradesperson is a skilled worker from a particular craft or trade. If you are gearing up for an interview in the trade industry you must dress up appropriately on clothing that is business casual. Men should wear a buttoned shirt with a decent pair of Dockers, along with clean and polished shoes. Women can wear a professional business top with slacks. Wearing a sports jacket or even an overbearing suit will be complete ill-fit.


The hospitality sector is all about appeal. The image is a very critical element in this industry. For most positions, a suit is the ideal dress code but it isn’t always a must. But if you wish to make a good impression, you should wear a suit, irrespective of your gender. You need to wear a suit because you may have to represent an entire organization and may be hired to become the face of it. The recruiters should be able to visualize you working for their hotel, restaurant or resort.

Over-dressing in one industry may just be underdressing in another. So do not be scared to ask the HR or the recruiting manager about the work culture and dress code of the organization. This is highly important in today’s date as the packaging matters.

Author bio: Devika Arora is a professional writer currently focusing on the extensive domain of job search and career building. Currently working with job portal Naukrigulf.com, Devika has written various articles and blogs for the benefit of job seekers.

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