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Texas ISD School Guide

Resume and Interview Tips

How to Properly Describe Your Employment Strengths

At some point in every job interview, someone will ask you to provide a critical overview of your strengths. Follow these steps to enhance your presentation.

Make a List

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the position, well before your interview. Be honest and use adjectives that are active, such as "persistent," "driven" and "goal-oriented."

Select three to five strengths to focus on during your interview. You want to present a number of assets, but you also must be prepared to develop these positives at length; you can't do that if you cover too many.

Learn the company's core business and read it's mission statement so you can target your strengths to its particular needs. For instance, if the company competes in the global marketplace, language fluency and familiarity with international currencies are huge plusses. Showcase them.

Give a Personalized Answer

Articulate your strengths with creativity. Rather than say you are a "hard worker," describe yourself as "results-oriented with a passion for your work." And then give concrete examples to support this, including past work, academic or sports-related accomplishments. This will help you stand out among the dozens of candidates who all deem themselves hard workers.

Provide examples of achievements that relate to your positive qualities, including projects that you completed successfully, budgets you balanced or disasters you avoided.

Whenever you can quantify an achievement, go for it. For example, if you introduced a work practice on your last job that reduced labor hours while increasing productivity, that's money on the bottom line for a company. Talk it up.

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