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Resume and Interview Tips

Tips on TEFL Teacher's Resume
By:Nicole Langton

Even in regions with low competition for jobs teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), almost all employers want job candidates to submit a resume. A resume tells the employer not only if you're qualified to teach, but also if you're a good fit for the school. No matter what country you want to teach in, these tips on TEFL teacher's resume writing will help you get interviews at the best English schools.

Organize your resume in the local format as much as possible. This makes it easier for the employer to find information, which decreases the likelihood that your resumed will be tossed aside after a quick glance. It also shows the employer that you've done your homework on the country. Employers are wary of teachers with no interest in their country because such teachers might leave in the middle of a course. If you don't know the local resume format, use the standard chronological format. Start each job description with the most important information, such as your main duties or greatest accomplishment.

Kindergarten, medical universities and private business English schools have widely differing needs. Even schools within each category have specific angles they use to attract students. Tailor each resume you send to show how you can meet the needs of the employer and its students. Highlight all qualifications or experience closely related to the job. If you're applying to teach English at an international kindergarten, mention any early childhood education experience you have, whether TEFL or not. Leave out non-essential information. When targeting your TEFL resume, consider the school's subjects, such as medical English or business, typical class size, and the students' ages and native languages.

If you have a strong educational background in TEFL, but little classroom experience, list your qualifications before your work experience. List work experience first only if you have more than two years of teaching experience and little or no formal training. Include college and university degrees even if they aren't directly related to teaching. If you have an uncommon teaching certificate and you're seeking your first job, state how many hours of practice teaching time you've had. Mention the languages that you speak or have studied. This shows you know what it's like to learn a new language.

Describing Experiences
Demonstrate that you're passionate about TEFL and care about meeting the students' and the school's needs. Describe specific challenges that you've helped your students overcome or problems you helped your employers solve. Use active verbs and specific nouns to describe previous teaching duties. Examples include, "Facilitated conversation groups for oil industry workers," and "Developed age-appropriate listening material for middle schoolers." When possible, after each job duty, highlight a specific accomplishment. An example would be "90 percent of the students achieved a TOEFL score of 590 of higher."

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