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Resume and Interview Tips

Learn From Your Prior Mistakes Made In Resume during Interviews Attended Before
By:Ana Thames <annathames@yahoo.com>

When you are applying for any job position, there are hundred other candidates like you applying for the same job. You need to stand out from all these candidates and grab the opportunity. For this, your resume must be unique and customized to match the job requirements. If your CV lacks the information expected by the employer, it is obviously going to get rejected. You must not be disappointed about it. Learn from your mistakes and analyze the factors that your resume lacks and include them when you apply next time.

Learn from the Resume Mistakes:

Before you apply for any job, it is necessary to know complete details of the company in which you are planning to apply. Know the job profile and the type of work you will be assigned after getting selected. Employers are always looking for the candidates having previous work experience in the related field. Hence, before making an application, know the requirements of the particular job. See if you possess those required skills. It is well and good if you are familiar with the applied job profile, but if you don’t possess the job specific skills, you can frame your existing skills in a manner that it matches the job requirements. You can explain to the employer how your existing skills can help you in your work.

Common Resume Mistakes:
Whenever your resume gets rejected, it is important to review it once. See the job description of the applied job and check the skills that are not included in your resume.

Following are some reasons for your resume getting rejected by the employer:
Irrelevant information in the CV.
• Improper placement of details.
• Poor visual appearance.
• Grammatical and typographic errors.
• Lacks quality writing.
• Lengthy resume.
• Unnecessary details.
• Vague or unclear details.

Above factors are the major causes for your CV not being shortlisted for the interviews. It is always better to prevent the things rather than finding solution to the problem. If you have experienced the rejection in past, you need to learn from your experience. Go through your resume and see whether these things lacked in your CV. Rewrite the CV and update your current qualifications. Proof read the details at least thrice to avoid the common spelling and grammar mistakes.


Appearance of resume plays a vital role in attracting the employers. Even though your resume includes all the details expected by the employer if they are not organized properly, it may not get the attention that it deserves. If the details are not clearly visible and distinguishable, it is obvious that recruiter will keep your CV aside and move towards other candidate. Hence, the visual appearance is an important factor deciding quality of your CV.

Unnecessary Details :

The unnecessary details in resume will make your resume lengthier. Such CVs will not interest the employers. Employers are interested in knowing about the job specific details of the candidate. They don’t want to know about the overall history of applicant. If you present all your irrelevant experiences, skills and other details, it will make your resume ineffective and boring. Such CVs are generally rejected.
Don’t get disappointed when employer rejects your CV. Instead you need to learn from your mistakes and prepare well for the next application.

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