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Cover Letters For First Time Job Applicants
By:Brian G Chadra

First time job seekers should strive to build good habits early in their careers because this will help to establish a favorable reputation and excellent work habits. Proper business protocol entails writing a cover letter to introduce the subsequent resume submission. It is the purpose of the cover letter to make a quick introduction of one's self to give the reader a quick sense of the applicant and a few reasons why they are qualified for this job.

The resume on the other hand, goes into great detail the qualifications of the applicant and his abilities that make him a perfect fit for the opening. In writing a cover letter, there are typically three paragraphs that should be included. But first, the header should be addressed to the individual named in the advertisement. Try to include his/her title as well. Follow up with company, address, city and state.

Next, a proper salutation should preceded the contact person as in: Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Smith. The first paragraph is intended to indicate who the person is, what position applied for and how the opening was discovered. After that, the second paragraph should demonstrate some of the strengths of the individual applicant, leaving room to read the resume to get a better feeling about this person. Finally, after a quick reminder of one strength area, the contact person should be thanked for their time. Also a contact number is left for quick reference.

These guidelines if followed correctly, will stamp the first timer as an excellent conductor of business etiquette. Good luck!

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