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Resume and Interview Tips

3 Effective Strategies For a Successful Interview
By:Benjamin Wise

A lot of people forget when going for an interview that they are going to be interviewed by people. They rattle off stuff that they have read and learned, then forget to first build value through relationship.

1/ People do business with people they like. People hire people they like. You need to make a connection, if people like you they will defend you. If they do not, then they will look for reasons to do otherwise.

So build on the relationship first. No matter who these people are that are interviewing you, understand that they are still human. Do not loose sight of that fact.

2/ Preparation is critical. You need to do your homework. You need to know what the company is all about. Once you know who they are, then it is far easier to build a relationship with them, simply because you will be able to talk about common areas of interest.

Beyond that do market research relative to their industry. Understand what their objectives are and by doing this it will enable you to talk about results.

3/ Talk always about results. I will say this till the cows come home. People are not interested in products, services or people, when it comes to doing business they are interested in results.

Sure they want to hire someone they like and who can work with others in the company, but fundamentally the company is there to make a profit, otherwise the business will fail.

Your job in the interview is talk about results and how you can achieve them in a manner that makes sense to them. This builds value and shows that you are an individual who has one thing on their mind and that is to get results.

Follow these effective strategies and before you know it you will be right where you want to be.

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