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Resume & Cover Letter Warning--Worst Mistake You Can Make
By:Kit Samuels

Years ago, when I worked in the human resources department at a school, I had an awesome resume in front of me, just brilliant! It was for a preschool teacher's position. And this teacher had it allyears of great experience, all the right classes & education, a great philosophy towards teaching. She was even bilingual, just what we needed at that time.

"I think she's it," I told a co-worker, grinning, and dialed up this teacher's number. And the person who answered told me something that gave me that old sinking feeling. "You have the wrong number."

So I gave the standard apology and hung up. I dialed again, carefully this time, just in case my anxious fingers had gotten a little carried away before. The thing was, lots of applicants had already been interviewed, and not too many seemed right for the position. This particular teacher, so far, was best qualified (groan). She was perfect!

Same person answered. Same "wrong number" line said, with much more emphasis this time. And I gave the same sincere apology, with a lot more regret this time.

I even tried dialing a few similar numbers. Nothing at all. All wrong numbers.
As ridiculously simple as this might sound, if youd like to get phone calls for interviews, you've gotta include your phone number, your correct phone number, on both your resume & your resume cover letter.

Im not jokingIve actually seen, not one, but several resumes and cover letters, more than I should have, with incorrect phone numbers, or worse, without a phone number at all.

So do something priceless and take the time to go over your contact information, because you never knowany one of us could accidentally type a wrong digit in our telephone number, or an incorrect letter in our email address. Its an honest mistake, and it happens. So steadily comb through your resume, making sure its all correct, and never think youre being too careful.

Another thingbe sure that your correct contact information is on your cover letter, and on all pages of your resume. This is good to do, because at times, pages can get shuffled around. This way, if any of your pages are lost or separated, youll always have your correct contact information on every page, no matter what.

Putting together a compelling, interview-winning resume & cover letternow who, searching for a better career, wouldnt want to do that? But without the right contact information on it, it becomes as bad as Charlie Browns rock-filled trick-or-treat bagjust plain useless.

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