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How To Excel In A Phone Interview
By:Vikesh Ghelani

Before a regular person-to-person job interview, recruiters often take a phone interview to shortlist prospective candidates. Any moment, after you have applied for a job, you may receive a call from the recruiter or their consultant asking about your availability to talk over the phone for few minutes in connection with your candidature. To prevent from being caught unawares, always keep this possibility in mind and remain prepared for the interview. In case, however, you are too pre-occupied to spare time at that moment, request for an opportunity to talk later and give few suggestions on your convenience.

Remember, phone interview is as important as face-to-face interview and you should be absolutely prepared for it. Keep your resume and accomplishment statement handy. Its better to have it pasted or hung up on the wall near the telephone receiver. You must have ready answers to typical questions asked in these interviews for jobs. Keep a notebook and a pen near the telephone set so that you can take important notes if asked. Listen to the question carefully and never interrupt the interviewer. Answer slowly and convincingly. Some intermittent smile may clear your voice and add confidence to your delivery. Address the interviewer by his surname (Mr. or Ms) and never use his name, unless you are specifically permitted. Keep away children and pets away from the room and switch of radio, TV, music system and similar appliances. Do not eat, chew or smoke during the interview. Its good to keep a glass of water handy to wet your throat.

Some practice beforehand using a voice recorder can help you to perfect your delivery and enunciation for the interview over phone. While responding, take your time for collecting thoughts and give short answers. In the end, do not forget to thank the interviewer. Since youd very much like to proceed further in the selection process, request the interviewer an opportunity to meet him in person. After conclusion of the interview, you must note down all that you said. Do not forget to send a thank you letter. This significantly reiterates your interest for the job.

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