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Resume and Interview Tips

Top 5 Tips While At Your Job Interview
By:Debbie Bissett

Interviews can be stressful at the best of times, however there are some factors we can be aware of which can stack the odds more in our favour. Interviews have got more sophisticated over time and now you can be faced with many challenges, your ability to role-play and physiological testing can all come into play. While no one can know for certain, what type of interview they are going to be faced with, keeping your cool and being able to adapt quickly and easily to almost all types of interview is a must. Here are 5 top tips to help get you through your interview successfully.

1. Make sure you are fully prepared while this should go without saying, it is surprising how many people are not truly prepared for their interview. If you are unprepared then you wont have the confidence needed. While you will have prepared yourself in ways such as your dress and grooming, you also have to prepare yourself mentally. Develop a strategy that will allow you to be ready for anything that the interviewer could throw your way, while you cannot be certain exactly what the interviewer will ask you, there will be basic things that are covered relating to the position. Once you have developed your strategy practise asking yourself and answering these questions in front of the mirror. Rephrase the questions slightly so that you will be able to adapt easily enough to almost any situation at the drop of a hat without getting flustered.

2. Make your strengths and weaknesses clear while you will almost certainly be asked about your strengths you can also be asked about your weaknesses. While admitting weakness might sound like a bad idea, everyone has them so it is essential that you are honest about them. However, you can turn your weaknesses into a positive thing, you could say that it is a goal you are working towards bettering and give examples of how you have improved a particular weakness. You should of course emphasise any strength you have that relate to the job you are going for and give clear examples of how you have put your strengths to good use in the past.

3. Know what you want from the future having a positive outlook and goals for the future shows you are organised and know what you want and the steps you need to take to achieve those goals. Be quite clear of your plans for the future and your commitment to making them work.

4. Dont be afraid to ask questions yourself while of course the interview is to determine if you are the most suitable candidate for the position, you also need to know if the position and company are right for you. Therefore, you shouldnt just see the interview as an interrogation, by not asking questions of your own about the position and company it could lead the interviewer to think you havent got much interest or are not willing to push yourself.

5. Radiate confidence while you may be trembling on the inside never let it show on the outside. This could be seen as a sign of weakness and a lack of self-confidence. Walk into the room with your head held up and firmly shake the hand of the interviewer. If you suffer from nerves, there are several techniques you can learn, such as deep breathing exercises which you can use just before you enter the room. The internet can be used to research how to be more positive and confident with your body language, which you can use to your advantage during the interview.

Debbie Bissett

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