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Resume and Interview Tips

Quick Resume Ideas for Fast Resume Results
By:Carla Vaughan

If you are in a hurry to zip off your qualifications to a prospective employer and do not have time to revamp the whole thing, take a look at these ideas and select a few to give your personal history a fresh look and some creative pizzazz.

There are two aspects of a resume that you need to consider:

* the layout
* the content

Both aspects are important and both serve different purposes. The layout must be visually appealing or the resume will not get read. You may have the best qualifications on the planet, but if your resume is hard to look at, no employer will bother with it.

Use these quick tips to polish your layout:

White space make sure there is enough white space so that the readers eyes can focus on what really matters those keywords
Choose a format that highlights your achievements the best
Use tabs to keep your resume aligned perfectly
Do not use bullets for every achievement, responsibility or task
Here are some guidelines for your content:
Be concise state what you need to, be brief, pack a punch, then hush.
Upgrade your words using powerful action verbs in your
Proofread again and again
Eliminate slang, jargon, acronyms and unrelated personal information
When attempting a quick resume update, consider the paper you are using to print your resume and cover letter on, too. You should be using white or off-white colored 24 lb or higher weight paper. This gives your materials a bright, professional look.

Attempt excellence in everything you do. Even if you are only taking a short period of time to update your resume, make the most of the time you have and present yourself in the best possible way. Your resume has to be an outstanding marketing piece or it will not help you get off to a good start with a prospective employer. Depending upon the competition, you may not get a chance at all to meet face to face with the employer.

Resumes are critical in todays competitive marketplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for October, 2005 is 5%. You have to be at the top of the heap if you are going to be employed. That means your resume must present your qualifications as eloquently and dynamically as possible.

Whether you are attempting a quick fix or a fully revamped resume, make it shine.

Best of luck,

Carla Vaughan

To make your resume as awesome as possible, visit: www.Professional-Resume-Example.com You will find a wealth of information on everything from resume-writing to cover letters, job market data, career planning tools and so much more.

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