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Horizon Recruitment

1- English name of Company:

Horizon Recruitment

2- Official Company Name in Chinese:

In Chinese: 沈阳澳瑞森文化交流有限公司

In Pinyin: Shenyang Ao Rui Sen Wen Hua Jiao Liu You Xian Gong Si

3- Website:


4- General Email Company:


5- Licence Number:


6- Address (Full Company Location):

A3 Wanda Plaza
Tiexi District
Shenyang, Liaoning
China 110021

7- Company Phone Number (with English speaker answering):

China: +86 24 23222399

US: +1 646 652 6286

AU: +61 2 8003 3314

UK: + 44 020 3239 9436

8- Company Description including History:

Service Offering:

After many years of foreign teachers coming to China, there have been many unfortunate situations between teachers and schools. There are two reasons why this has, and continues to happen: a) A misunderstanding of cultures, and b) A miscommunication of intentions. From this we realised that there is an important part of the equation missing, the bridge between Party A and Party B.

Horizon Recruitment, formed in 2008, is a Chinese-Australian company with the intention of becoming this bridge. We understand that the needs of the Chinese and Foreigners are different, but also, that they can be satisfied with a win-win approach to job placement.

Our goal is to find reputable schools in which to place quality native English speaking teachers. Our business model is designed and shaped to build long-term relationships with both schools and teachers, allowing us to deliver only the highest quality service.

Company's Vision:

Our Vision is simply:

- To search for the institutes in China, Australia, the US, the UK, Canada & New Zealand that we consider suitable to develop long term, trustworthy and respectful partnerships with,

- To put in place win-win contracts, that will help raise the bar in China for quality conduct within the industry, and;

- To ensure that foreign teachers are placed in the most appropriate of these institutes.

We are a company that practices contemporary business methods. We understand that the world grows smaller every day and that technology allows us to exist in every country, in every time zone, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. It is because of this, we are absolutely confident we can realise our vision as it exists now, and as it adapts into the future.

Directors Summary:

Prior to entering the recruitment industry, Chinese director, Wang Lynn was Head Teacher for the #1 private English training school in Shenyang, and subsequently the principal for another well-renowned children's school. With over seven years experience in the field, she has taught both children and adults, from introductory level to IELTS examinations.

In 2006, she entered the recruitment industry, and drawing on her degree in economics, joined Sang Ni Recruitment Company as a full partner. Since then has placed teachers in almost every province in mainland China.

With a background in turnaround management, Australian Director, Simon Ogilvie-Lee came to China in early 2007, with the intention of developing various business interests. Beginning as a teacher, he quickly understood the enormous potential in the English education market, and began the required planning for a new English training school, which is scheduled to open in Shenyang 2009. In March of 2008, Horizon Recruitment was established, with the intention of bringing a new vision and standard to the industry.

9- Name of our lead recruiter:
Name: Lynn Wang
Phone: 86-24-23222399
Email: lynn@horizoneslchina.com
Skype: Lynn.horizon

Name: Simon Ogilvie-Lee (see picture below)
Phone: US: +1 646 652 6286
AU: +61 2 8003 3314
UK: + 44 020 3239 9436
Email: simon@horizoneslchina.com
Skype: simon.horizon

Other recruiters at Horizon Recruitment:
Helen: Helen@horizoneslchina.com
Adena: recruiter@horizoneslchina.com
Nancy: recruiter1@horizoneslchina.com

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