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Life Is A Whip (Poem)
By:Tim Long

Life Is Tough
Tough And Yet Elastic
Dangling Forwards And Backwards
Just Like The Whip

Life Brings Cries And Joy
Life Brings Success And Failure
Life Brings Pain And Gain
Just Like The Whip

Life Is A Whip
Like The Whip
It Lashes Out Forwards And Backwards
Like Success And Failure
Like Pain And Gain

When We Fail
It Is Like Being Whipped
When We Succeed
It Is Because We Were Whipped By Failure
Oh, Life Is A Whip!

Take Heart, Dear Friend
And Always Remember
No Failure, No Success
No Pain, No Gain
No Loser, No Winner
No Whip, No Life

Like The Boys Scout
Be Prepared
Tis Not The Life, But The Courage
Winners, Be Magnanimous; Losers, Tomorrow Is Yours
Winner or Loser, Powerful or Weak
Rich or Poor, Famous or Notorious
Nobody Can Escape The Whip Of Life
For Life Is A Whip

I am a 40 yr old Briton, a medical laboratory technologist and I have been resident in the West African tropics for the past 7 years. I have a burning passion for writing on all topics of human endeavor and general interest and also loves traveling, fishing, dog walking and buying new technologies. I am married with two lovely daughters, Aurora and Jasmine who live in England with their mum, Kathy. I can be reached on my toll free line 23408034543585 www.poemsaliveportal.blogspot.com.

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