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Inspirational Quotes

Short Life Quotes Illuminate Your Mind
By:Karan Kapoor

You are what you think you are. What you have acquired in your life so far in terms of wealth, happiness, relationships or whatever is it is the reflection of your thoughts. Thoughts are commander of life. The way you think decides the way you live your life. As Gautama Buddha observed, "All that is is the result of what we have thought".

Reaching to a new level of wisdom, getting into the higher level of success and most importantly to unleash your full potential requires a greater level of awareness than you currently have. You cannot get beyond where you currently are without changing your way of thinking, expanding your understanding and level of wisdom.

Short Life Quotes helps change the way you think about life. They alter thought-pattern and bring out the best in you. They re-write all the negative thoughts lingering over in mind with positive ones. Furthermore, they inspire to take instant action. They motivate to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Wisdom comes from years of experience. But with short life quotes one can acquire wisdom in a matter of minutes. These Quotes are created by those wise souls who have walked this planet before us. They certainly know more than what we know about life. The quotes created by them help us as we walk on the path of success and enlightenment.

In a line or two, short life quotes contains wealth of wisdom and knowledge. You can keep referring to them when you need motivation boost. You can get valuable suggestions from them on how to deal with up's and down's of our life curves.

Reflecting on the quotes of great leaders, philosophers and poets provides you with the opportunity to connect with the some of the greatest minds exists on this planet. They open your mind to new realms of possibilities which, in turn, help you illuminate your mind and soul.

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