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Inspirational Quotes

Quotes - Golden Silence For Human In Our Life
By:Mr. Ashok Sharma

A PERSIAN SAYING -"It is good to know about the Truth and to talk about it, but it is better to know about the Truth and to talk about palm trees."
ADI GRANTH -"Devotion to God's name is my lamp; In this lamp is put the oil of suffering; The light of God's name burns away that oil, annulling yama's encounter. Listen, people of the world! Lest any carp at his faith: Vast heads of firewood are reduced to ashes by a tiny spark of fire. Devotion to God is my ritual charity; God's holy name my ceremonial; In this life and the next, this alone is my sustenance. Lord! Thy laudation to me is the holy Ganga and Banaras, Wherein my soul takes the holy dip. True holy bathing is when devotion to God abides in the heart day and night. Saith Nanak: The charity of God's grace is an exhaustible store."
ANCIENT EGYPTIAN INSCRIPTION -"Listen to your conviction, even if they seem absurd to your reason."
ANONYMOUS -"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new end."
ARCHBISHOP WILBER -"I plead for the beasts and birds that you will help to shield them, first; from the thoughtlessness of ignorance; secondly; from the senseless cruelties of fashion; thirdly; from the thoughtful barbarities of science."
ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER -"Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognised. In the first, it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident.."
BALZAC -"Conviction brings a silent, indefinable beauty into faces made of the commonest human clay."
BARACK OBAMA -"I'm asking you to believe not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington... I'm asking you to believe in yours."
BASAVARAJU -"The light in the eye cannot be imagined The sound in the ear cannot be described The taste in the tongue cannot find its counterparts The central nerve vital to awareness cannot be proved; In atom, particle, in grass, in wood Subtle, without end and without bottom, Dwells lord of caves."
BHAGAVAD GITA -"The Atman, Self, is the light; The light is covered by darkness, This darkness is delusion; That is why we dream. When the light of Atman drives out our darkness, That light shines forth from us, A sun in splendour, the revealed Brahmn."
BHAGAVADGITA -"Work done with selfish motives is inferior by far to selfless service or karma yoga. Therefore be a karma yogi, 0 Arjuna. Those who seek to enjoy the fruits of their work .are verily unhappy because one has no control over the results."
BOEHME -"Son, when thou art quiet and silent, then art thou as God was before nature and creature; thou art that which God then was; thou art that whereof he made thy nature and creature; Then thou hearest and seest even with that wherewith God himself saw and heard in thee, before ever thine own willing or thine own seeing began."
CHINESE SAYING -"When Heaven sends down calamities. There is hope of weathering them; When man brings them upon himself. There is no hope of escape."
DIONYSIUS -"We worship with reveren silence the unutterable truths and, with the unfathomable and holy veneration of our mind, approach that mystery of Godhead which exceeds all mind and being."
DOUGLAS ADAMS -"Man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much -the wheel, New York, war and so on - whilst all the dolphins had ever done is muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man - for precisely the same reasons."
EUGEN LONESCU -"Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together."
FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE -"The consequences of our actions take hold of us quite indifferent to our claim that meanwhile we have 'improved'."
GAUTAMA BUDDHA -"All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?"
GURU ARJAN -"I am wretched, stone-hearted, evil-minded, given to lust, Master, save me howsoever You may! You are all-powerful, You save them who seek Your protection, You look after them. Meditation, asceticism, discipline, cleanliness, and correct behaviour; None of these can obtain salvation. Says Nanak, with His grace He pulls one out of the dark well."
HELEN KELLER -"Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows."
HENRY D THOREAU -"In a world of peace and love, music would be the universal language."
HU SHIH -"Even the absolute universality of the law of causality does not necessarily limit a person's freedom, because the law of causality not only enables him to explain the past and predict the future, but also encourages him to use his intelligence to create new causes and attain new results."
ITIVUTTAKA -"Lust, hatred, and delusion ruin the man of wicked heart, They are begotten in himself like the lush growth of pith in the stem."
J MOLIERE -"The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it."
JULIUS LIPNER -"Diwali is Deepavali, literally 'a row of oil lamps'. It is a festival of illumination. The Divine Power Vishnu overcomes the darkness of the underworld."
KENOPANISHAC -"It is the ear of the ear,/ It is the mind of the mind./ It is the speech of the speech./ It is the breath of the breathing./ It is the eye of the eye..."
KENOPANISHAD -"By whom willed and directed does the mind alight on its objects? By whom commanded does the prana (vital breath), that precedes all, start? By whom willed do men utter speech? What intelligent power directs the eye to see, the ear to hear?"
KESHAVAN NAIR -"With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity."
LAO TZU -"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."
MARGUERITE THEOPHIL -"And in our garden we must have enough thyme: 1, Thyme for each other 2. Thyme for family 3. Thyme for friends Water freely with patience and cultivate with love. There is much fruit in your garden because you reap what you sow."
MARGUERITE THEOPHIL -"For the garden of your daily living Plant three rows of peas 1. Peace of mind 2. Peace of heart 3. Peace of soul."
MARGUERITE THEOPHIL -"No garden is without turnips: 1. Turnip for meetings 2. Turnip for protesting injustice 3. Turnip to help one another."
MARGUERITE THEOPHIL -"Plant four rows of lettuce: 1. Lettuce be faithful 2. Lettuce be kind 3. Lettuce be patient 4. Lettuce really love one another."
MARGUERITE THEOPHIL -"Plant four rows of squash: 1. Squash gossip 2. Squash indifference 3. Squash grumbling 4. Squash selfishness."
MENCIUS -"Only when a man invites insult will others insult him. Only when a family invites destruction will others destroy it. Only when a state invites invasion will others invade it."
MOTHER TERESA -"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."
MUHAMMAD ALL -"It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen."
OG MANDINO -"Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day Today will never happen again. Don't waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail."
PRAJNA PARAMITA -"I am not to be perceived by means of any visible form. Nor sought after by means of any audible sound; Whosoever walks in the way of iniquity, cannot perceive the blessedness of the Lord Buddha."
QURAN -"Glorified be He and High Exalted above all that they ascribe unto Him. Vision comprehendeth Him not, but He comprehendeth all vision."
RALPH NADER -"A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done."
RAMANA MAHARSHI -"There is no Truth. There is only the truth within each moment."
REV R INMAN -"A great teacher never strives to explain her vision; she simply invites, you to stand beside her and see for yourself."
RICHARD BACH -"Here is a test to find out whether your mission in life is complete... if you're alive, it is'nt."
RIG VEDA -"Only the person having firm conviction and iron volition can attain strength and energy. At no stage of Karma does he ever hesitate."
RONALD REAGAN -"Some may try and tell us that this is the end of an era. But what they overlook is that in America, every day is a new beginning, and every sunset is merely the latest milestone on a voyage that never ends. For this is the land that has never become, but is always in the act of becoming. Emerson was right: America is the land of tomorrow."
RUKMINI DEVI ARUNDALE -"Animals cannot speak, but can you and i not speat for them and represent them? Let us all feel their silent cry of agony and let us all help that cry to be heard in the world."
SADHU TL VASWANI -"The Angels asked God if there was anything in the world stronger than rocks. "Yes/ answered God; 'stronger than rocks is iron: for iron can break rock/' Anything stronger than iron?" asked the Angels.. And the Lord answered: "Fire: for iron may be melted ill fire/" "Anything stronger than fire?" asked the Angels. And the Lord said: 'Yes, water: for fire is quenched by water" 'Anything stronger than water?" the Angels asked again. And the Lord answered: "Yes, wind: for wind may scatter water/' 'Anything stronger than wind?"' asked the Angels. "Yes;/' said the Lord; "sympathy is stronger. And nothing there be that is stronger than the compassionate heart."
SADHU TL VASWANI -"The doctrine of ahimsa or non-violence is a comprehensive one and emphasises the values of truth, self-restraint, and non-covetousness... No nation is truly free until animals are free and happy."
SENECA -"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."
SOREN KIERKEGAARD -"Music exists only in the moments of its performance, for however skilful one may be at reading notes and however lively one's imagination, it cannot be denied that it is only in an unreal sense that the music exists when read. It exists really only when it is performed. This might seem to be an imperfection in this art as compared with the others, whose works constantly endure because they have their existence in the sensual. Yet that is not so. Rather it is a proof that music is a higher, more spiritual art."
SRI RAMAKRISHNA -"In the theatre the audience remains engaged in all kinds of conversation, about home, office and school, till the curtain goes up: but no sooner does it go up than all conversation comes to a stop, and the people watch the play with fixed attention."
SRI SATHYA SAI BABA -"Before you speak, think - Is it necessary? Is it true? Is it kind? Will it hurt anyone? Will it improve on the silence?"
SRI SATHYA SAI BABA -"Open the gates of wisdom, tear the veil of ignorance, enter the abode of Divine Bliss. Rest in peace forever. Ego lives by getting and forgetting; Love lives by giving and forgiving; Love is expansion; Self is contraction; Self is lovelessness; Love is selflessness."
SRI SATHYA SAI BABA -"Service is the highest spiritual discipline. Prayer and meditation, or knowledge of scripture and Vedanta holy scriptures of India), cannot help you reach the goal as quickly as service can. Service has a double effect, it extinguishes the ego and gives bliss."
SRI SATHYA SAI BABA -"Start the Day with Love; Spend the Day with Love; Fill the Day with Love; End the Day with Love; This is the way to God."
SRI SATHYA SAI BABA -"The body has to be Utilised for service to others. More bliss can be got from serving others than from merely serving oneself."
SRI SATHYA SAI BABA -"You must be a Lotus, unfolding its petals when the Sun rises in the sky unaffected by the slush where it is born or even the water which sustains it!"
SWAMI PARTHASARATHY -"The teacher proceeds from the known to the unknown...We all know that we hear with our ears. But a set of ears on their own are as deaf as a post. Follow the sound vibrations through the eardrums along the nerves. It is the brain which is actually hearing those vibrations. But that is not the end of it. If the Consciousness leaves the brain you won't hear. Even if that Consciousness simply shifts the focus of your brain for a moment, the ears are still transmitting sounds to it as it ticks away but you are deafened... Consciousness is the see-er in the eye, the mind in the mind, the speaker in speech. That, says the teacher, is the source of existence, is God (Brahman). So God is the subject of all you see, hear, smell, touch, taste, feel or understand. Therefore, God can never be an object of perception or comprehension."

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