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Inspirational Quotes

The Law of Attraction - Inspirational Quotes!
By:Mike Perras

Much has been written about the Law of Attraction. I think the movie "The Secret" had a lot to do with that as well. When we are self-empowered, we feel inspired. Being inspired and in a sense of inspiration, can actually change lives and in many cases actually create miracles. I could write chapters around each of these quotes, but for now ...

Here Are 10 of The Best Law of Attraction Quotes I Have Collected:

1 - "Have an Attitude of Gratitude in all that you do."
2 - "Energy flows where attention goes."
3 - "Do not give others the chance to create your happiness."
4 - "Success is something you attract."
5 - "Wherever you are, be there."
6 - "Don't leave the game unplayed."
7 - "Stand tall in your own eyes."
8 - "Don't major in minor things."
9 - "Language, it says a lot about you."
10 - "To have more, you have to become more."

At the very heart of the Law of Attraction are a few major principles. Your Attitude of Gratitude is that reciprocal energy force at work, you get what you give. Be grateful daily for the smallest of things. Give to others easily and receive things with greater ease. Giving and receiving are energy forces at work. Just look to nature, the sun and rain gives way to growth and prosperity. Giving and receiving is that reciprocal energy force I mentioned.

Your emotional intelligence keeps you calm and grounded. Your level of empathy and compassion are the heart and soul of you emotional intelligence. If you don't feel empathy and compassion for others on a regular basis, your EI needs some work and the Law of Attraction works best with a strong emotional intelligence.

Clarity and focus, knowing what you want, and being able to articulate the details. If you desire a new house, new career, weight lose, more money or a new relationship. Paint a picture, fill it with all the details. Paint a picture with words first, and you'll really start to see what you want. Seeing it clearly is important. And remember, the focus is only on what you want, never on what you don't want. Any negatives must be removed from this process. Everything in your picture has to be positive. It's easy to have random thoughts of what you desire, however, it's best to create real pictures of those things. Then you can look at your pictures and the focus becomes very very clear.

In short, the Law of Attraction works best when using actual pictures of the things you desire most!

Mike Perras is a retired media executive and college professor. He writes regularly for the Sensuous Gratitude blog http://sensuousgratitude.blogspot.com/.

His latest ebook on the subject is called "The Law of Attraction through Sensuous Gratitude" http://your-sensuous-life.com/ In it he discusses how the movie The Secret misses the most important piece of the puzzle. Why? Because, "being clear" first, is paramount to your Law of Attraction success. You'll see how this simple technique will change how you see everything.

He shares two compelling personal stories that led him to write this book. One, a profound sense of personal gratitude from a childhood experience and the more importantly, his Forgiveness to Freedom story. Through forgiveness, he was able to unburden himself from unknown bad programming or habitual thinking. This was his "becoming clear" moment and thus a life changing positive experience.

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