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How to Say Love in Tagalog  by: TF Andrews
When I was a child, my music teacher introduced us to a foreign song about the love for language. This was the very first time I learned how to say the words "I love you" in another language. I was..
How to Take Advantage of the Philippine Dual Citizenship  by: Sonia Munoz
Opting to apply for an E-1 or E-2 visa to gain entry into the United States of America is a very good option, while looking to make use of the Philippine dual citizenship program. They (the E-1 and..
How to Enjoy Your Trip To Cebu, Philippines  by: Collaborator
Cebu is considered to be one of the best provinces in the Philippines and an ideal place to stay for business or pleasure. Dubbed as the "Queen City of the South", it is a popular tourist destination..
What Are Philippine's Famous Tourist Attractions And Activities?  by: Farazila Abu
The beaches Filipino beaches are some of the finest in Asia, and with almost 60,000 km of coastline, there's plenty to choose from. You'll find the very best in the chain of islands known as the..
How to go to Puerto Galera from Manila  by: Ieva M. Augstums
Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippine cities of Puerto Galera and Manila are located on two separate islands: Puerto Galera on the north shore of Mindoro Island and Manila on the west coast of..
Philippines Palawan Island - One Of The Best Vacation Spot In The Philippines  by: Werty
Take a great summer vacation by going to one of the Philippines' ideal travel destinations- for the certified beach bum Palawan. Palawan Island is considered the most well conserved major island..
Dapitan  by: Allan Merin
Dapitan, a once sleepy town in Zamboanga Peninsula, is steadily becoming one of the booming travel destinations in the Philippines. Thanks to improvements in the tourism and public transport sectors,..
Vacation Packing Tips - Top Ways to Travel Light  by: Allan E Miller
If you want to enjoy your vacation the number one secret is to pack only what you need. Sounds obvious doesn't it? And yet many travelers end up by ruining their holiday by packing too much and then..
Is Philippine Dreams Right For You at This Time?  by: Brian Garvin
If you had the choice between waiting to go live in an inner city ghetto, a retirement home, a nursing home or retiring to the Philippines, which would you choose? Follow your dreams and retire to..
Philippines Entry Requirements  by: Rusty Ferguson
The Philippines make it easy to enter the country for most people. If you are from the US, The UK, Australia and many other countries the only thing you need is a valid passport. The passport must..
Minimum Wage in the Philippines  by: Rusty Ferguson
Minimum Wage in Cebu Rises The minimum wage in Cebu is going to rise to P285 a day. That's per day, not per hour. That's about $6.33 a day or about 63 cents per hour. Depending on how long one works...
Cebuano English 2  by: Mark Rubrico
In the previous article, Cebuano English 1, we learned about asking questions in Cebuano then looking at their equivalent phrases in English. Now we will continue learning with Cebuano with another..
Re: I am a fluent english speaker and I am filipino. How can I teach english in china?  by: ednapenaflor
Like what the majority suggested, it would be better to go to the internet and looked for websites about teaching English in China. I have been in Korea for two years now, the first year with an..
Puerto Galera, Philippines – Beauty Beyond Imagining!  by: Brett Jankowiak
It was not until I had been given my first San Miguel that I realised that this place was hot, humid and sticky. My first San Mig didn’t even touch the sides. I was back in Manila sitting at the..
Room for One More – Riding the Philippine's Jeepneys  by: Henry Bateman
The Philippines is renowned for its multi-coloured, highly decorated jeepneys. But after about 10 minutes in the country, you realize that these are the exception. Officially referred to as PUJs, the..
A Westerner's Guide to Filipino Culture  by: Ricky Hogard
Greetings First impressions are very important in Filipino culture, and this impression is usually made upon first meeting a person. A simple smile, a gentle wave, or a cheery 'Hi' or 'Hello' is all..
Re: Shortages in the Philippines  by: Aubrey
Wow! Nice to know you are amongst those who enjoyed their life here in the Philippines despite of those shortages you mentioned. I have been teaching Filipino/Tagalog online for almost 4 years now..
Local Philippines: Nothing Less In Batanes  by: Allan Merin
If there is one place in the Philippines where you can experience a calm, serene, and idyllic vacation, it should be Batanes. Covering an area of 219.01 square kilometers, Batanes is the northernmost..
Re: I am a Filipino; planning to apply as english teacher in China. Do I have an edge versus the nat  by: steve
I am sure that you will find a school in China. Although native speakers are preferred by most schools, there are some language schools that employ Filipino teachers as well. I work for a very..
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Filipino Customs explained  by:
The Filipino people are some of the most hospitable that you will find anywhere. Even if their behaviour is less than considerate, foreign visitors to the country are treated with the utmost respect...
Unique Jeepney Experience  by: Philip Nicosia
Public transportation on land around the world comes in various types. There’s the bus, the taxicab and the lightrail transit. But nothing beats the jeepney, considered the most convenient public..
Re: English Proficiency Among the Pupils in Public Schools in the Philippines - A Dream?  by: Benjamin
Hello, My name is Ben Ryan. I am engaged to a girl in Caloocan City, Philippines, and I'm looking to relocate to marry her, adopt her 5 year old son, and stay there to take care of them. I have..
Re: Setting up a private school in the Philippines  by: Richard Badger
HI Aubrey,I still hav'nt had any luck setting up a private school here in the Philippines. How can I contact you and maybe get some help from you regarding a private school.My two children are both..
The Word "Is" in Tagalog  by: TF Andrews
I have been trying to study the Tagalog language for a while now. The company I work for in the United States has assigned me to work in the Philippines. Since I have a two year working contract with..
Philippine Love - So You Want To Marry A Filipina?  by: Keith Driscoll
Getting married to a Philippines woman is a great thing but not always great for everyone, it's that old story, a Philippines girl can be all things to a man, but not every Philippines lady can be..
Food in Filipino  by: TF Andrews
The need for food is as basic and as necessary as the need for oxygen. Everyday our bodies remind us of the need to eat. Moreover, when you neglect to feed your body, hunger pangs tell you that you..
Remembering Tagalog  by: yu
As with all the other languages, practice and constant usage goes a long way. Tagalog does employ the principle of root words. I can't remember anymore the exact terms by which they are called but we..
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A Unique Experience in Visiting Taal Volcano in the Philippines  by: Luvi Marie
Rising from the largest island of the Philippines is Taal Volcano, which is an active volcano situated in Talisay and San Nicolas in the province of Batangas. Taal Volcano consists of an island..
Thailand - An Extreme Travel Experience - Filipinos in Thailand  by: Hedda Tan
When Bangkok residents and those in neighboring provinces like Ayutthaya, Hua Hin and Ratchaburi were gearing up for the hottest season in Thailand, 6 young, adventurous Pinoys set out from Manila to..
Re: in reply to #1074 i am a fluent English speaker and i am a filipino  by: Rafael
Hi Edna, Do you have the E2 visa? I thought this visa is only given to nationals of USA-CA-UK-AU-NZ-SA. Please reply and let me know how a national from Phil can get this visa. Salamat kaibigan..
Re: English Proficiency Among the Pupils in Public Schools in the Philippines - A Dream?  by: Benjamin
Hello, My name is Ben Ryan. I am engaged to a girl in Caloocan City, Philippines, and I'm looking to relocate to marry her, adopt her 5 year old son, and stay there to take care of them. I have..
Call Center Solutions in the Philippines  by: Kent Pinkerton
In the last few years, the Philippine economy has seen the proliferation of quite a number of call centers or contact centers providing thousands of high-paying jobs to Filipinos. Recent estimates..
Why Get Dual Citizenship in the Philippines?  by: Will Irwin
Being a consultant and author on topics related to retirement in the Philippines, one of the most common questions I receive from (former) natural-born citizens of the Philippines, who lost their..
Cost of Living For a Retiree in the Philippines - 5 Key Elements to Consider  by: Will Irwin
The low cost of living in the Philippines is one of the major lures of the Philippines to people who are fed up with the current economic conditions in the Western world. People who have worked hard..
Philippine Eco Tour Destinations  by: Allan Merin
Blessed with abundant natural resources, the Philippines is making great waves in ecotourism. The industry continues to become one of the country’s leading cash cows, especially now that the clamor..
Restoring Dignity With Water  by: Thesa Sambas
The right to clean water is a right that we often take for granted. Except in cases of shortage and drought, most of us tend to assume that water will just pour out of the faucet whenever we turn it..
Saying Hi in Tagalog  by: T F Andrews
There are many dialects spoken in the Philippines region but Filipino (Tagalog) has been chosen as the national language. The Tagalog language has been in existence for a long time and many Spanish..
I would like to know  by: Cherry
I'm a filipina, got married with chinese guy . We apply our marriage here in china. I'm pregnant this time and i want to go back in the Philippines to get born the baby in the philippines. I would..