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Travel to the Philippines  by: Thor Kristinsson
Traveling to the Philippines can be one of the most self-rewarding vacations you can take this year. Whether it is by yourself or a friend or significant other, the getaway of your dreams may be..
Twenty Cebuano English Quotes You Can Use to Communicate With Your Filipina Friend  by: Mark Rubrico
Have you ever tried learning a language? Wasn't it extremely tiresome to do so? Learning too many things at a time when you just want to actually start talking the language already? Have you ever..
Top 5 Philippine Vacation Destinations  by: Pierre Smith
The Philippines is a majestic place to visit. The country has so much to offer to its millions of visitors each year. Because of the diversity of the things a tourist can do in the Philippines, it..
Affordable Philippines Vacation Rentals - Find Places in the Philippines to Go on a Vacation  by: Pierre Smith
When you go to different parts of the Philippines you will discover why this country is rich with natural resources endowed with the beauty of nature. Affordable Philippines vacation rentals are..
Do I Have to Learn Tagalog While Visiting the Philippines?  by: Bud Brown
The short answer is definitely yes. Knowing Tagalog will set you apart from the thousands of visitors who haven't bothered to learn the main language of the Philippines. It will definitely be worth..
Cebu City Philippines and the Shrinking Dollar  by: Patrick Mcgrain
Cost of living in Cebu Philippines and Camotes Islands Cebu, Philippines. Many expats living in the Philippines are sharpening their pencils and watching their spending habits much more closely as..
Why Not in the Philippines?  by: Don Magsino
According to an Ibon research, an estimated 3,000 Filipinos leave the country everyday to find jobs abroad. The scarcity of jobs is already a sign that all is not well and that the economy lacks an..
I'm an American, and I want to teach in the Philippines  by: Kristene B
My mother is a Filipino and all of her relatives (half of my family) live in the Philippines. I've only been there once when I was 6 years old and I would love to spend more time there. The..
Re: Filipino words  by: Brenda Rosaroso
Hi my name is Brenda Rosaroso and im going to the philippines in 1mouth and i need to learn alot of words like in 6 weeks
Top Philippine Destination and Paradise Spots  by: Eligio Tapiador Jr
Explore Paradise Philippines. Take a peek at Filipino's culture and history as mirrored in century-old churches, ancient forts and modern museums. Paradise Philippines have the best of nature's..
What To Do In Boracay At Night  by: Lek Boonlert
The island doesn’t just come alive with the sound of music and people but also with the sounds of nature. Crickets rubbing their back legs together make for the deafening background tone once early..
Re: List of Filipino Folk Songs  by: Folk Song
Nice lists of Filipino folk songs. Actually, there are lots of them that we do not know or forgotten.
Re: I am a fluent english speaker and I am filipino. How can I teach english in china?  by: ednapenaflor
Like what the majority suggested, it would be better to go to the internet and looked for websites about teaching English in China. I have been in Korea for two years now, the first year with an..
Philippines: A Shopping Mecca  by: Allan Merin
Aside from being a first-class travel destination, the Philippines is also a shopping haven. Countless shopping choices await visitors in this Southeast Asian nation, which is home to fun-loving..
Enjoy Hiking in the Philippines  by: JessicaAckerman
The Philippines is a very beautiful area with many great opportunities for walking, hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Although most areas in the country offer great hiking opportunities, there are..
A Paramount Adventure to Bukidnon  by: Travel Expert
Wondering on where to spend an idyllic vacation in the Philippines? Here is a travel tip - breeze into Bukidnon in northern Mindanao to get a feel of a relaxing countryside vacation. This landlocked..
It is located on the northern part of the country. You can get there by bus or by air. A six to seven hours drive from the country's capital-Manila. Baguio City, Philippines' summer capital is a..
Learn to speak Tagalog  by: TF Andrews
People from the Philippines are called Filipinos and the Philippines is comprised of several thousand islands. In all there are over 7000 islands in the Philippines which is located in South East..
Visit the Philippines - 4 Top Reasons to Vacation Here  by: Allan E Miller
If you want a holiday you will remember forever then the Philippines should be your top tourist destination. With 7,107 islands inhabited by some of the most friendly and hospitable people in the..
Learning to Speak Tagalog  by: TF Andrews
I love to travel and I especially love visiting different countries and learning some of the common words and sayings. I think that learning how to communicate, using even a few words, in a foreign..
Neurotic History of the Philippines and the Filipinos  by: Alejandro Villanueva
Let me begin by re-inventing a Jungian idea: "If, for a moment, we regard the nation as one individual, we see that it is like a person carried away by unconscious powers; and likes to keep certain..
Café Bars in Manila  by: Paul Parsons
Three smaller cities within Manila's boundaries---Ortigas or Mandaluyong City, Malate, and Makat---form the pulsing epicenter of this Philippine capital's commercial district and its thriving..
Explore the thrilling Dapitan City  by: Travel Expert
Dapitan, a once sleepy town in Zamboanga Peninsula, is steadily becoming one of the booming travel destinations in the Philippines. Thanks to improvements in the tourism and public transport sectors,..
Your Pet - How Do Bring Your Favorite Pet to the Philippines?  by: Will Irwin
Preparing to retire permanently or relocate temporarily to the Philippines and you want to bring that precious pet with you? What exactly are the requirement and restrictions, if any, regarding that..
Cebuano English 2  by: Mark Rubrico
In the previous article, Cebuano English 1, we learned about asking questions in Cebuano then looking at their equivalent phrases in English. Now we will continue learning with Cebuano with another..
Camiguin Island, a magnificent getaway  by: Travel Expert
The Philippines is home to some of the world's most beautiful islands. It is the place to be if you're looking for a travel destination that combines unspoiled beauty and old charm. The country..
Sights To See In The Philippines  by: Peter Garant
The Philippines is one of the most sought after travel destinations in Asia. With its unique and diverse culture, visitors from both sides of the world cannot help but wonder at the beauty and..
Expat Retirement to the Philippines - Most Popular Retirement Locations  by: Will Irwin
Now that you have made the choice to retire in the Philippines, the big question becomes - Where? For those of you who are being led to the Philippines primarily due to a personal relationship with a..
Re: Foreigner Marriages to Philippine Wives - 10 Reasons Why So Many Foreigners Marry Filipinas  by: Cloe
Well, I do believe that you got married to a real Filipina because you were able to specify all characteristics that a typical Filipina possess and I do appreciate and salute you for being so honest..
Minimum Wage in the Philippines  by: Rusty Ferguson
Minimum Wage in Cebu Rises The minimum wage in Cebu is going to rise to P285 a day. That's per day, not per hour. That's about $6.33 a day or about 63 cents per hour. Depending on how long one works...
Vacation Houses in the Philippines  by: Rhonda McDowell
Overview According to Tourism Philippines, an unbiased Philippine travel guide, this tropical country offers a variety of things to see and do for tourists wishing for a fun-packed vacation. The..
Tropical Island Paradise - Busuanga Island, Philippines  by: Michaela Rinnofner
On Busuanga island you will find the beachfront hotel Alam Indah which translated into English means "Beautiful Nature". And this is what your eyes and mind will be spoilt with when you come to the..
Re: I want to marry a filipino woman/ What is necessary  by: cosmokriss
it's sad to know how other people think about filipino women... Anyway, just show her how much you love her and you have good intentions... that's enough... and you are very lucky to have a filipina..
Ten Quick Tips For Philippines Travelers  by: Jason A. Martin
Before you rush out that door to enjoy your vacation in the Philippines, I have ten quick tips you should know. The Philippines is a great place to vacation, but plan poorly and your dream can..
Re: Shortages in the Philippines  by: Aubrey
Wow! Nice to know you are amongst those who enjoyed their life here in the Philippines despite of those shortages you mentioned. I have been teaching Filipino/Tagalog online for almost 4 years now..
Philippine Travel Destinations  by: Maricar Carolyn
One of the most visited countries in the whole world is Philippines. Because of its historic areas, natural resources and natural beauties millions of people love to come here yearly from different..
Tagalog - The Word For My  by: T F Andrews
People often refer to something as "my" to indicate that it belongs to them. Similarly the word is also used to indicate the relation between people; such as when siblings refer to each other as "my..
Backpacking Information on Philippines  by: Josh Boorman
Population: 82.8 million (UN, 2005) Capital: Manila Area: 300,000 sq km (115,831 sq miles) Major languages: Filipino, English (both official) Major religion: Christianity Life expectancy: 68 years..
Explore the wonders of Bulacan  by: Travel Expert
Bulacan is a household name in Philippine literature due to its rich historical heritage. The province, which is located north of Manila, is the birthplace of some of the country's great men and..
Re: I am a fluent english speaker and I am filipino. How can I teach english in china?  by: victory
hello edna, I'm a Filipino FT, I'm glad to now of your good luck in Korea, i'm just wondering how you've managed to stay that long there. Isn't it that Filipinos couldn't be granted a working visa as..