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Travel in the Philippines

How to Get a Taxi at Manila Airport
By:Robert Morello

Manila is the modern and frantic capital city of the Philippines and the main gateway to the islands of Micronesia for many travelers. With several ways to find a taxi at Manila airport, you should choose the best option for your needs.

Disembark from your flight in Manila and collect your luggage. Once through customs you will be released into the arrivals terminal. Here you will find a taxi reservation booth where you may purchase prepaid rides to the city center. This is the most expensive way to find a taxi, but it is also the most efficient. You will pay at the booth, be taken to a taxi and be on your way without any lines or further effort. The cost for a ride to the city center runs around 400PHP (about $9) as of January 2011. If you prefer a cheaper option move to Step 2.

Walk out of the arrivals terminal to the curbside pickup area. Here you will find a long line of official taxis waiting to take passengers to their destinations. Wait in the passenger line until your turn to depart, tell the next taxi in line your destination and you are off. The cost of these taxis amounts to about half that of the prepaid taxis listed above or around 250PHP (about $5) as of January 2011. For yet another potentially cheaper option see Step 3.

Ask one of the many unofficial taxis located at the curbside how much a ride to your destination will cost. These taxis are unlicensed people with cars trying to make money by providing transportation. As these cars are unregulated, you cannot be sure of the service, the safety or the price you are quoted. This is not recommended option, although many locals and some travelers use this method quite often.

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