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Travel in the Philippines

How to Travel to the Philippines With a Child Who Is a US Citizen
By:Elle Hanson

In the United States, it does not matter whether an individual is an adult or a minor, they must have a passport to travel internationally. If your child is a United States citizen and you would like to take them with you on a trip to the Philippines, you must secure a passport for them. It is important to do this well in advance of the vacation, since passports can take several months to obtain.

Visit the nearest post office or county clerk's office to fill out the proper paperwork for obtaining a passport. The child and all legal guardians must be present.

Fill out the application form DS-11. You may want to get a copy and complete it in advance to save time.

Prove that the child is a United States citizen. You can do this with a birth certificate, expired passport, report of birth abroad, certificate of birth abroad or a certificate of citizenship and naturalization.

Prove that you are the parent(s) of the child. You can do this with a birth certificate, foreign birth certificate, certificate of birth abroad, court order establishing guardianship, court order establishing custody or an adoption decree.

Prove your identity with a driver's license, passport or identification card.

Provide two standard 2x2 inch passport photos of the child. You can have these taken at any number of drug or grocery stores.

Pay the $85 passport fee.

Wait 4-6 weeks to receive the passport.

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