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How to Enjoy Your Trip To Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is considered to be one of the best provinces in the Philippines and an ideal place to stay for business or pleasure. Dubbed as the "Queen City of the South", it is a popular tourist destination because of its vast array of choices for enjoyment. If you are planning to visit Cebu soon, here are the steps to enjoy your trip:

Pack light and comfortable clothes that are best suited for tropical climate. Ideal items to pack in your suitcase are clothing made of natural fiber such as cotton. Bring shorts, hat, sunglasses, bathing suits, insect repellent, flashlight, sun block cream, tough shoes for walking, and rubber flip-flops for frolicking in the beach.

Pick the best accommodation you like depending on your preferences and budget. There are plenty of hotels, pension houses, and apartelles you can choose from. You can book your stay in any of these places which provides amenities that makes your stay fun and relaxing.

Get a relaxing foot and body massage. Massage salons in Cebu are well-known for their world-class quality massage and spa experience that caters to people who crave for rest and relaxation. The most popular massage services offered are the hilot (traditional Filipino massage), Thai massage, Shiatsu, and Swedish massage. This is one experience that should not be missed during your stay.

Visit historic places. From north to south of Cebu, you will find landmarks that speak well of Cebu's history over the centuries. Take a video camera with you and capture photos and videos of century-old structures, churches, and homes that reflect different periods of colonization. You can also visit museums which will give you more background information of Cebu's rich history and heritage.

Indulge yourself in the beauty of tropical beach resorts. Cebu beaches are perfect spots to swim, scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, or simply getting the tan you want by sunbathing.

Bask in Cebu night life. You will always have a chance to enjoy Cebuano hospitality and world-class entertainment thru local bands playing in select disco bars. If you are looking for a doze of fun and laughter, allow yourself to be entertained by stand up comedians performing in comedy bars around the city. In these bars you can order your favorite drink and be entertained. You also have the option to go karaoke and dance all throughout the night.

Dine in at restaurants of your choice. Cebu City has a wide range of choices of restaurants that caters different local and international cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Italian foods. If are a little bit gutsy, you can try street-foods that are pretty cheap like barbecued chicken or pork on a stick along with boiled rice wrapped in young coconut leaves.

Indulge in sports and other recreational activities. You'll find a variety of activities that you can enjoy while you are in Cebu. You can play golf, tennis, rifle shooting, horseback riding, and mountain climbing.

Go shopping for souvenir items. Cebu has many arts and crafts industries that exports items to other countries made of local materials such as shells, bamboo, wood, stone, rattan and other exotic materials. You can visit souvenir shops in the malls or go directly to small shops in downtown Cebu to get a better deal.

During your trip, always have a heart of wonder and keep an open mind. Cebu, like the rest of places in the world, has a unique culture and you may find some customs that people practice that are strange. Make your short rendezvous as memorable as you can and go home with lots of memories with you.

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