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Travel in the Philippines

How to go to Puerto Galera from Manila
By:Ieva M. Augstums

Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippine cities of Puerto Galera and Manila are located on two separate islands: Puerto Galera on the north shore of Mindoro Island and Manila on the west coast of Luzon Island. Puerto Galera is about 80 miles, or 130 kilometers, south of Manila. Traveling between the two locations can take approximately six hours and requires either a flight or a ferry in addition to car or bus transportation.

Taking a Plane or Helicopter

Determine how many passengers you have. From Manila there are two options for direct flights to Puerto Galera: seaplane or helicopter. Most seaplanes will seat up to three people, while a helicopter will allow for up to five people to travel at once.

Check flight schedules. The flight between the two islands is about 30 minutes.

Charter the flight. Flights can only occur in the daylight.

Taking the Ferry

Ride the bus or drive to the ferry station. It can be up to a three-hour bus or car ride from Manila to the Port of Batangas, where you will have to catch a passenger ferry. Bus companies regularly travel from Metro Manila to the pier throughout the day. Individuals who decide to drive have the option of parking either inside or outside the pier, or they can ferry their car to Puerto Galera.

Check ferry schedules. A typical ferry ride will be about two and half hours.

Take the passenger or vehicle ferry. Once in the Port of Batangas, there are several scheduled ferries and outrigger boats that will take passengers to Puerto Galera. Individuals who wish to ferry their car to Puerto Galera are more limited, as there is only one regular vehicle ferry. It can hold up to 10 vehicles. Reservations are not accepted, so it is advised to arrive at the pier early.

Tips & Warnings

Research bus and ferry schedules to minimize total travel time.

Remember the time your boat arrives to pick you up from the island. You dont want to get left behind and wait for the next trip which usually takes a couple of hours.

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