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Travel in the Philippines

Tropical Island Paradise - Busuanga Island, Philippines
By:Michaela Rinnofner

On Busuanga island you will find the beachfront hotel Alam Indah which translated into English means "Beautiful Nature". And this is what your eyes and mind will be spoilt with when you come to the Calamian Archipelago, Palawan in the Philippines of which Busuanga is the main island. The indigenous population prides itself in naming it "the last frontier" - by which they mean "unspoilt and preserved nature". And yes, it is indeed true: nature here is still nature. The whole island, apart from the capital of Coron and a few villages, is uninhabited. Rolling hills, primary forests, mangroves, beaches and rivers take the stage.

There is no industry, palm plantations or any other large agricultural undertakings and practically no traffic. The main road also called "national highway" which - with a few interruptions - circles the island, is unpaved and if you would like to explore Busuanga cross-country you would have to either hike or hire a carubao (water-buffalo) cart. People here still cook with fire wood and in the picturesque fishing village of Bogtong which lies 1 km from Alam Indah beach-front hotel, 95% of the population know of no other method. Many homes are not connected to the electricity grid and the phone signal is almost non-existent. As a consequence there is no pollution and no industrial or traffic noise. The only sounds your ears will perceive is the lapping of the waves, the occasional fisher boat passing, a dog barking, a coconut hitting the ground, birds singing, squirrels chatting and playing, geckos "geckoing", crickets chirping, rusting leaves, swaying of trees, and other natural noises.

The Calamian archipelago consists of about 80 islands and islets whereby Busuanga, Coron and Culion are the biggest islands. Most of the islands are small and often surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and coral reefs where more often than not you will find yourself to be the only beachcomber. Among these islands, on the bottom of the sea you will find relics from WW2 which are favourite spots for divers. The population is conscious of the treasure they are living in and make an effort to protect the coral reefs in the archipelago. Building is a very much controlled activity - and quite rightly so - as man made structures often destroy the environment.

Besides Alam Indah beachfront hotel you can find accommodation in Coron town and on some of the surrounding islands. However in Coron town there is no beach and most travellers prefer to stay in a resort outside of Coron or on one of the surrounding islands.

If you want to get away from it all and experience some magic moments, Alam Indah on Busuanga island might just be the right place for you.


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