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Mt. Napulak - The Nipple Top
By:Diana Legaspi

Mt. Napulak presents a unique natural beauty. The mountain top itself is a total wonder. Napulak basically means "the nipple top". It is shaped like a woman's breast with a huge gray rock nestled at the peak most part. It is the only mountain in the Philippine that is shaped in this very beguiling manner.

Mt. Napulak is a perfect spot for mountaineers and environmental enthusiasts. It is one of the highest peaks in Igbaras, Iloilo: about 3,936 feet in elevation above sea level. At the peak of the mountain, you will get a panoramic view of the adjacent and nearby towns of Antique province, surrounding towns of Iloilo and even the scenic Mt. Kanlaon of the nearby island in the Negros province.

Possible start-off trail routes:
· Barangay Tigbanaba - trek duration to reach the peak may vary from 4-7 hours
· Barangay Bagay - trek duration to reach the peak may vary from 5-8 hours

Visiting Mt. Napulak during the months of May - September, you may find the largest flower in the world: Rafflesia arnoldii, locally known as "uruy". There are several species of Rafflesia arnoldii growing in the diverse green forested areas of Igbaras. This flower is considered as one of the rarest and extinct species in the world today. As you hike along the trail, you may come to meet one of the many of the budding and blooming species of this rare flower.

Sunrise is best to witness at the peak of Mt. Napulak. The penetrating rays of the glorious sun create a colourful blend in the eastern part of the sky. The peak is also a perfect place for meditation and self realization for soul searchers. Connecting with nature could be best experienced on one of these higher grounds of Igbaras.

Things to bring in going to the top (those desiring to stay overnight):
· Complete camping set in your backpack
· Drinking water supplies
· Tent
· Sleeping bag
· Thermals
· First aid kit
· Cook set
· Mini stove
· Food supplies and trail foods

An overnight stay at the peak of Mt. Napulak is rather suggested. Witnessing the rise to sunset at the top of the world offers a one of a kind wholesome experience which will always be unique to that certain place.

The preferred time to visit Mt. Napulak is during the summer season, likely during the months of March to June. However, coming to Mt. Napulak at anytime of the year is not a problem anyhow. As long as the sky is clear, you can always get dramatic view of the wondrous natural beauty that surrounds the peak.

There are a few things to settle in planning to visit Mt. Napulak, such as permit to visit which will be submitted to the town's tourism office and to schedule for a guide. It is preferred that you make these preparations at least a couple of days before starting the trek. Transportation is not a problem; it is something which could be settled anytime.

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