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Tagalog - The Word For My
By:T F Andrews

People often refer to something as "my" to indicate that it belongs to them. Similarly the word is also used to indicate the relation between people; such as when siblings refer to each other as "my brother" or "my sister" and when spouses refer to each other as "my husband" or "my wife." Therefore, the word "my" is indispensable. In the Tagalog language the word for "my" is "aking."

During conversations you might hear Tagalog speakers using the word "aking" and it means "my." For example, when saying "my address" the speaker can say "aking tirahan." The word for "address" is "tirahan" and it is a noun. Similarly, the Tagalog word for "car" is "kotse" and it too is a noun. The noun is the previous examples is placed after the word "aking." Therefore, to say "my car" we could say "aking kotse."

Some commonly used Tagalog nouns are pagkain (food), liham (letter), and trak (truck). By adding the word "aking" (my) before these nouns we can say "aking pagkain" (my food), aking liham (my letter) and aking trak (my truck).

The word "aking" can also be used to show relationship to people. For instance, to say "my brother" we can say "aking kapatid na lalake" and to say "my friend" this translates as "aking kaibigan." Related phrases include "sa akin" (with my) and "para sa akin" (for my). Another word related to "my" is "me." The word for "me" in Tagalog is "ako." For example, if the speaker were saying "tulungan mo ako" the translation of this would be "help me" and if someone said "kitain mo ako" then this means "meet me."

Introducing yourself to someone is something that is done when meeting people for the first time. Again, in this situation the word "my" plays an important role because during introductions people often say "my name is...." In Tagalog saying "my name is...." translates as "Ang aking pangalan ay....." When learning to speak a language saying their name is one of the first things that people usually learn.

In Tagalog the word "aking" means "my" and it is used to show ownership or possession. The word can also be used to show relationship to someone such as a relative or friend. In the natural course of a conversation when getting to know someone, people often speak about themselves and at times speak about their family. During such conversations the word "my" is often used.

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