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Tagalog - How to Say I Miss You
By:T F Andrews

With the advancement of modern technologies, the cell phone has become a hot seller in the Philippines. It is easy to purchase one and you can load your pre-paid account from any "sari sari" (small) store. A sari sari is a small store that sells a variety of things.

When someone is on our mind we can send them a text message if we "miss" them. A loved one a few miles away or a loved one in another part of the globe can be sent a message letting them know how we feel. It is good to keep in touch with friends and relatives and to let them known how much we miss them and think about them.

The words that can be used to say "miss" in Tagalog are "naaalala" including "inaalala" and the less formal expression "namimiss" can also be heard being used quite often. To tell someone "I miss you" the phrases "Inaalala kita" or "Naaalala kita" and the more casual "Namimiss kita" are all used. Note that the word "namimiss" is Taglish because it is a combination of a Tagalog word and an English word.

In the Philippines, short messages (maiksing mensahe) via phones are often exchanged asking someone about their health, telling them that they are missed and perhaps wanting to know what they are doing at that particular moment.

Families, often get together to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with friends and loved ones. Affection for a person can be shown by presenting him or her with a "pasalubong" (gift). During holidays loved ones are often sent gifts by those who are away (usually out of the country) as tokens of affection and to express to them that they are missed. The gifts could be anything such as small items of clothing or some eatables; and the gifts lets them know that they were missed.

The deceased are also missed and in the Philippines, families and friends gather together on the 9th and 40th day after a loved one has passed away. A ceremony called a Mass is offered on those days and all join in praying for the departed.

These are some ways of letting someone know that they are missed and ways of expressing how much we miss the presence of someone. We are expressive and show our affection to our family and friends by telling them we miss them. Keeping in touch and telling how we feel is a good way to communicate those sentiments.

Read more about saying I miss you in Tagalog and learn how to pronounce Tagalog words http://speakingtagalog.com/.

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