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Travel in the Philippines

3 Adventure Honeymoon Destinations You Will Never Forget
By:Cesar Gealogo

Have you ever aspire of making your honeymoon more significant with an unparalleled level of thrill and excitements?

Try to envision the awesome feelings while you are in a very deep of an ocean joyfully watching those colorful corals with your lover. Imagine your body as it glides at the surface of big curling waves. Mentally picture yourself and your partner going into fishing in the middle of an open sea. Experience all these great adventures in your life and visit the Philippines.

Dive Surigao is your first destination. The unwavering underwater scenery will surely pamper your mind and body as you begin your deep-sea adventure. Watch vividly those spectacular arrays of different kinds of colorful corals. The magnificent formation will surely uplift your spirit with grandeur. Gaze those spectacular fishes of diverse variety as they glide with the current. Brace every moment while you are 20 to 100 feet underneath the sea and while viewing those incredible underwater scenery. Calm your heart and try to listen to the wonderful melody produced by the ocean. Dive Surigao is situated at Brgy. Punta Bilar, just 10 minutes ride from the heart of Surigao City.

After an underwater journey, your next adventure destination is "Wave Surfing" at Cloud 9 situated in Brgy. Catangnan, General Luna, Surigao del Norte, the surfing capital of the Philippines. It is one of the world's best surfing sites and presently the world's famous surfing destination. The international surfing competition is held in this locale annually that takes place on the month of September.

Now, let your body experience the momentum as you glide at the "Cloud 9" wave, which is considered as one of the world's top surfing wave by the surfing enthusiasts. Be brave enough to conquer those gigantic waves and hold your breath as you and your surf board slide on the tube structured by those great waves. Embrace every second of your life as you keep this strange adventure always burning and alive.

Fishing in Pilar, Surigao del Norte is the third in your adventure honeymoon list of destination. It's a place where foreign tourists and adventure seekers flock during the Siargao International Game Fishing Tournament held every month of May. Pilar is also prominently tagged and considered as the game fishing paradise.

In this adventure you will experience the serenity of the vast ocean. Feel the breezes of the open sea while you are in the world of fishing. See the sunrise and the sundown within reach with your fingers tips. Nourish your eyes with amazing beauty and colors of the skies with exquisiteness of the silvery sea. Be excited to catch the different kinds of fish like; Billfish, Wahoo/Tanguigue, Talakitok and Dorado.

The whole adventure with these places will surely bring endless amusement and unique experience. Bathe every moment of your life with joy and laughter as you embrace these great honeymoon adventure destinations. Give your life the happiness it deserves in the company of nature's beauty.

He is a poet and he authored the poetry book: Whisper of Life. He is an avid lover of poetry and born and raised in Surigao City, Philippines.

He earned two baccalaureate degrees: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Bachelor of Science in Criminology. He has also earned 36 academic units in Master of Public Administration. He is a registered criminologist. Please visit his website @ http://www.cesargealogo.com

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