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How to Say Me in Tagalog
By:TF Andrews

Personal growth is essential in order to develop as an individual. Knowing and understanding one's self is vital in order to better handle other people, your relationships, your life, and your actions. If you better understand yourself, you will get to see why you behave and react in certain ways.

Different languages use different terms that pertain to one's self but although the actual words themselves are different they tend to mean the same thing. In English, terms such as "me," "my," and "mine" are commonly used. In the Philippines the common language used is Filipino and it is heavily influenced by the Tagalog language. In Filipino (Tagalog) there are equivalent terms for "me," "mine," and "my." The word "ako" is the Tagalog term for "me" while "akin" is used when saying "mine."

Just as with most things, the key to learning something is constant practice. The same can be said if someone wants to learn Tagalog. Constant practice is needed and because of this, there is a need to be exposed to a lot of examples. If you were outside someone's door and they asked who is that you might respond "ako lang yun" which to the listener means "it's just me." If two or more people are chatting and you overhear the phrase "kitain mo ako" then the speaker is telling someone "meet me." On the other hand, the phrase "tulungan mo ako" means "help me."

When saying "for me" you can simply use "para sa akin." Examples of the phrase "for me" (sa akin) in a sentence would include"keyk para sa akin" which means "a cake for me."

The word "akin" can also be used in the following ways. When someone says "iyon ay sa akin," the person is saying "that is mine." Conversely when one wants to express that something is "not mine," in Filipino this can be said as: "hindi akin." Examples using these phrases are "akin ang aso na to" which means "this dog is mine." The word "akin" can also be used when you say "ang aking pangalan" which means "my name is."

The word can also be used when showing relationship to people. For example, when someone says "aking lola" this means "my grandmother." Likewise, if you know that the word for family is pamilya then when saying "my family" you would simply put the word "aking" in front of it and this would mean "my family."

It is good to think about other people, but at times we have to think about ourselves and put ourselves first. Even when we are busy, we should take the time to unwind, to enjoy life, and pamper ourselves. It is for this and other reasons why terms such as "me," "my," and "mine" are commonly used. Such terms are frequently used to speak about one's self.


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