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Travel in the Philippines

Undiscovered Wonders of the Philippines
By:Clifford Young

Cheap travel destinations are available all over the world. They are those areas almost untouched by tourism yet offer the same breathtaking views and captivating sights or those frequently visited by flocks of tourists making competition booming. One popular destination would be the Philippines, owing to its numerous islands, lush tropical forests, virgin and white sand beaches and interestingly engrossing culture.

Let's take a quick tour around the Philippines and enumerate the best-kept secrets of this archipelago.

For beaches, Boracay, Palawan and Cebu are popular choices. However, the Filipino nation still has a lot of tricks up its sleeve in this category. One is Camarines. It is an island on the western side of the country facing the Pacific. Its beaches are surrounded by numerous rock formations making it a sight to behold. On top of that, its pristine shoreline offers authentic white sands much to the delight of visitors. What makes this destination cheap is that its tourism industry in not yet in boom. It is still an area in the Philippines yet to be discovered, flocked and abused by tourists. Another perfect beach destination is La Union. La Union boasts of the perfect waves for those into various water sports. It is the perfect venue for wakeboarding, surfing and parasailing.

For nature trips, the best destination is Cagayan de Oro. The province is slowly becoming known for the famous canopy walk. Here, you literally swing from one open canopy to another open canopy. Can you imagine what Tarzan does? You would be able to do that too only a lot safer because harnesses come with every swing. Another feature of this province is its white water rafting. Shooting the rapids in this part of Mindanao is truly a magical experience for both swimmers and non-swimmers. Its distance from the capital makes this destination a lot cheaper because goods are fresh off the farms.

One more undiscovered wonder of the Philippines is Donsol. It is in the southernmost tip of Luzon right in the province of Sorsogon. Have you ever heard of pating-bulik or the whale shark? It is one of the largest mammals in the world. In the months of April to May, these gentle giants flock the seas and oceans of Donsol. Can you imagine having to have a close encounter with an animal more than a thousand times your size? That sure is an experience worth a try. To top it all, this face to face with a whale shark doesn't even cost you more than two thousand pesos!

One can never sufficiently describe the wonder that is the Philippines. Yet, these few options offered are really worth the travel. Visit the Philippines and be spellbound by the overflowing reserve of natural wonders!

Clifford Young is an accomplished niche website developer and author.

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