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ESL English Lesson: Many under 35s in the UK can’t do basic DIY skills
D.J. Robinson

Recently, a survey conducted by UK store Poundland, uncovered the fact that many young people, under 35, don’t have key life skills. For example, a third of young adults, don’t know how to change a lightbulb.

A quarter, admitted that they would have to ask, to know how to boil an egg. They said it’s tricky to get it right, as ‘you can’t see if it’s cooked, or not, inside the shell’. Some, even tried cooking a boiled egg in a microwave, with explosive consequences. Another 13%, tried to boil an egg, in a kettle.

Many young people, among the 25-34 age group, still live with their parents. This is because of the high price of property, in the UK. This could be one reason for their lack of knowledge, of knowing the basic skills of life.

Article quiz: 1) What was the age group? 2) What was the tip? 3) What is a microwave dinner? 4) Name the UK store. 5) What was tricky? -- Roleplay: In groups. One of you is the interviewer. The others are one of the following people. You are in the Discussion FM radio studio in London. Today’s interview is about: Many under 35 in the UK can’t do basic DIY skills. 1) Someone who is at High School. 2) Someone who is 25-34. 3) Someone who is 50 plus. 4) A DIY skills expert. -- Presentation; Discussion; Sentence Starters; Etc.

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