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ESL English Lesson: UK votes to leave EU
D.J. Robinson

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. The historic vote took place on the 23rd June 2016. The result was that 48.1% of voters chose to remain in the EU while 51.9% chose to leave. The number of votes cast were 16,141,241 to remain in the EU; 17,410,742 to leave the EU.

England and Wales had an overall majority to leave the EU. London, Scotland and Northern Ireland all voted to remain. The turnout was 72.2%. It’s worth noting the vote shows that in England working class northerners revolted against cosmopolitan rich London.

Article quiz: 1) Who is Jeremy Corbyn? 2) Who is Jean Claude Junker? 3) What is Article 50? 4) What was the turnout? 5) What did stock markets do? -- Roleplay: One of you is the interviewer. The others are one of the following people. You are in the Radio London studio. Today’s interview is: UK votes to leave the EU. 1) A pro-Europe remain supporter. 2) A leave EU supporter. 3) An EU citizen. 4) Someone from outside the EU. -- Grammar, Spelling, Etc.

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