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ESL English Lesson: The Rise of the Drone
D.J. Robinson

Today, we are going to talk about drones. What exactly is a drone? It is a small helicopter-like device that can fly by remote control. There are many sorts of drone including quadcopters, miniquads, or multi-rotor helicopters that are all the rage at the moment. They vary in price from £10. Most video drones start around £100. It appears to be the new hobby to take up.

Drones are generally used to take aerial film or photographs. They have considerably reduced movie makers’ budgets, as they have replaced costly helicopters in many instances. However, whilst drones have become more popular some are becoming a security risk.

Role Play: In pairs - Student A is a reporter. Student B is someone who has a drone. You are at a drone display. 3 mins. -- Discussion: 1) Will you be ordering a pizza to be delivered by a drone? 2) Will you need to register your drone if you buy one? 3) Can you just fly your drone in your house? 4) Do you need to have insurance for owning and flying a drone? 5) What is the legal height for flying a drone? 6) Is there a distance limit for flying a drone? -- Homework, Spelling, Etc.

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