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ESL English Lesson: Countdown to Brexit vote
D.J. Robinson

The referendum vote in the UK on whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union is edging closer. The outcome is still too close to call, as it is still 50/50 as to what the result will be.

Many people in the UK are currently watching on YouTube ‘BREXIT - The Movie’. I did. I wasn’t going to, but I am glad I watched all of it, as it’s an eye opener. The movie, whilst one sided, does show that in politics nothing changes - there is arrogance, people control, and power.

Role Play: In groups. One of you is the interviewer. There are up to four guests. You are in the Radio London studio. Today’s interview is: Countdown to Brexit vote. 10 mins. 1) Someone from Australia / China. 2) Someone from Slovakia / France. 3) Someone from the UK who wants to leave the EU. 4) Someone from the UK who supports remain in the EU. --- Discussion, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Sentence Starters, etc.

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