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ESL English Lesson: Student Uniforms
D.J. Robinson

Today, let’s talk about student uniforms - what students wear to school, college or university. Depending on the country you live in and its habits may determine whether students wear a uniform or not.

In Britain schoolchildren wear a uniform to school. It installs a form of discipline in them that is valuable in later life. If a girl wears a skirt that is too high on the hemline or too tight a pair of trousers she will be sent home to solve the issue. Come in with a funny haircut and a student will be pulled out of the class, reprimanded and sent home. In Britain students do not wear uniforms to college or university.

Writing/Speaking: In pairs choose three advantages of student uniform. Write them below. Talk about them! -- Speaking/Roleplay: In pairs - Student A thinks school uniforms is important. Student B disagrees! 3 mins. -- Discussion - Student B questions: 1) Would school uniforms promote a sense of security? 2) Would a school uniform minimize disruptions and distractions leading to a better learning environment? 3) Do school uniforms promote positive student behaviour? 4) Should the selection of uniform colours be schoolwide or by grade level? -- Gap fill: Grammar; Gap fill: Listening; Spelling; etc.

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