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ESL English Lesson: English Words of the Year 2015
D.J. Robinson

Today we will look at the English words of the year 2015, as noted by the Collins English Dictionary. These are the words and phrases in the UK that Lexicographers have noticed a significant rise in their usage over the last year.

We’ll start with the ‘word of the year’ that according to Collins is Binge-watching. This is where we stay in to watch more than three episodes of a series in a day. Apparently, 90% of Brits now do this!

Binge-watching, contactless, swipe, manspreading, transgender, shaming, Corbynomics, ghosting, clean eating. Speaking Game. Roleplay: One of you is the interviewer. The others are one of the following people. You are in the Discussion FM radio studio in London. Today’s interview is: English Words of the Year 2015. 1) A student from the UK. 2) A student from Asia. 3) A student from Europe / Asia. 4) A student from Africa / Middle East.

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