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ESL English Lesson: Forget apps, try speaking to someone. It’s called conversation!
D.J. Robinson

Today, we are going to talk about speaking. Do you remember how to speak? Sorry, am I interrupting a message you have just received on your mobile? Oh! You’d better look at it. It obviously takes priority over this speaking exercise!

Honestly – we need to reclaim the art of conversation. I mean, look around you. Half the people in the café, pub or bus are on their mobile phones sending messages to people they’ve probably never met. Why? Because it’s easier to use an app on their mobile rather than talk to that real person sitting opposite them.

Speaking/Fast Conversation: In pairs discuss from the following… Change partners after one minute! 3 minutes: The last movie you saw / What you ate for lunch / What you saw on TV last night / What you saw on the way to school/work / A subject of your choice… -- Discussion: 1) Who pays your telephone bill? 2) Is it easier or cheaper to talk to your friends by app? Explain. 3) Why do you talk to strangers by app yet don’t meet them in real life? Explain! 4) When did you last write a letter by hand? 5) Do you send sweet nothings on your mobile? -- Grammar. Spelling. Homework. Etc.

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