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ESL English Lesson: New words added to latest Oxford Dictionary online
D.J. Robinson

More than 1,000 new words have been added to the Oxford Dictionary online. In its latest update reveals the current trends in the usage of the English language.

Currently British men are offending commuters by manspreading. Stop! Its beer o’clock! In the pub later Britons are talking about the Grexit and the Brexit while having a brain fart whilst enjoying a beer. It is all NBD.

Article quiz - Student A questions: 1) What does spear phishing mean? 2) What does awesomesauce mean? 3) What does deradicalisation mean? 4) What is a Brexit or a Grexit? 5) What is a social justice warrior? --- Speaking Game: Teams of two. Each team chooses 10 interesting words. If necessary use a dictionary. Each team alternates. Each team member takes a turn etc… Write your word on the board. The other team has to explain its meaning.

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