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ESL English Lesson: The top ‘Bucket List’ must see places to visit in the world
D.J. Robinson

Recently travel website Lonely Planet revealed the top places every traveller should visit before they die. The list, compiled by travel experts and writers, includes the world’s top sights, such as the Grand Canyon and Iguazu Falls. A ‘Top 500’ list was created. Today, we’ll focus on a few of them. Ultimately, we’ll create our own definitive bucket list of places to visit.

Topping the Lonely Planet list were the stunning Temples of Angkor in Cambodia. The Great Barrier Reef off Australia came second. In third place was Machu Picchu in Peru. In fourth position was the Great Wall of China in China. Fifth place went to the Taj Mahal in India. Next was the Grand Canyon National Park in the USA. Seventh position went to the Colosseum in Italy followed by the Iguazu Falls that border Brazil and Argentina. Ninth place went to Alhambra in Spain and coming in at No 10 is Aya Sofya in Turkey.

Writing/Speaking: Sentence starters - Finish these sentence starters. Correct your mistakes. Compare what other people have written: 1) I would visit __________________________ 2) Top of my ___________________________ 3) A bucket _____________________________ Write down 50 words about: The top ‘Bucket List’
must see places to visit in the world. Your words can be read out in class. --- Homework - Write and send a 200 word email to your teacher about: The top ‘Bucket List’ must see places to visit in the world. Your email can be read out in class.

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