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ESL English Lesson: Sunday trading laws in England and Wales set to be relaxed
D.J. Robinson

Today, let’s talk about Sunday trading in the UK. Currently smaller shops are allowed to open all day on a Sunday. Shops over 280m² are allowed to open for up to six hours.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne, is set to unveil plans to allow shops in England and Wales to open for longer on Sundays. The proposal comes after larger shops were allowed to open for longer during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London in 2012.

The article: Students check any unknown vocabulary or phrases with the teacher. Reading: Students should now read the article aloud, swapping readers every paragraph. Roleplay: In pairs - Student A is a reporter. Student B is the Chancellor of the Exchequer. You are talking about the proposed increase in shopping trading hours in England and Wales on a Sunday. Grammar. Homework. Etc.

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