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ESL English Lesson: Introducing Caroline Hartley…
D.J. Robinson

Today, let me introduce you to Caroline Hartley. She is the lead character in my new book that has recently been published by iUniverse. It is an adventure story for children and adults. There are four books in the initial Caroline Hartley series. Book One has just been released. The other three books will be released periodically.

Caroline Hartley and the Magic Key is the brand new fictional novel by D.J. Robinson. It is available from all good bookshops and on many book webpages online including Amazon. It is available in three formats: Paperback, Hardcover and Kindle edition (e-book).

Article quiz: 1) Name the characters in the book. 2) What time of year is it? 3) What is on the envelope? 4) What type of journey is it? 5) It is one way to what? Roleplay. Discussion. Gap fill: Grammar. Homework. Etc.

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