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ESL English Lesson: Great Victorian Inventions
David Robinson

Today, let’s talk about Victorian inventions. Do you know of any? There were many. Here’s a few of them…

In 1840 the Victorians introduced the first prepaid postal service that used a postal stamp. Letters could be sent anywhere in the UK for one penny using a stamp called the Penny Black. In 1859 a green national standard post box was introduced. Later British post boxes became red.

The bicycle was invented in 1838 by a Scotsman called Kirkpatrick MacMillan. It was a pedal-driven bicycle known at the time as a velocipede. The penny-farthing bicycle was invented in 1872 by a James Stanley. It had a huge front wheel and a tiny rear wheel. Many bikes of the period were known as boneshakers due to their extremely uncomfortable ride.

On the board write as many words as you can to do with ‘Great Victorian Inventions. One-two minutes. Using your words compile a short dialogue together. Roleplay. Discussion. Grammar. Etc

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