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ESL English Lesson: Education in the UK today
D.J. Robinson

Today, let’s talk about education in the UK. The framework is different to that of Continental Europe. To begin with there is nursery school. This is for children aged 3-5. Primary school follows for children aged 5-11. This is split into two segments; Infants aged 5-7 followed by Juniors aged 7-11. Secondary school is for students aged 11-18. Students take their GCSEs when they are 16. Students aged 16-18 can take their A levels for the next two years in the school 6 th form.

Alternatively students may opt to go to college from the age of 16 years after their GCSEs. Following their secondary school education students aged 18 may opt to go onto university. These days many who follow this path also take a gap year before doing their university studies.

Writing/Speaking: In pairs. On the board write as many words as you can about ‘Education’. One-two minutes. Compare with other teams. Using your words compile a short dialogue together. In pairs. Write down the name of your nursery, primary and secondary schools. Talk about them. Discussion: 1) Did the headline make you want to read the article? 2) Do you have a National Curriculum in your country? 3) Have your governments changed your country’s education system? Explain. 4) Which country in the world do you think has the best education system? Why? Explain. 5) Which are the best universities to go to in the world? Etc.

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